First-Year Mandatory Advising

Whether you transferred or began as a freshman, you are required to meet with your academic advisor in your first two terms at PSU. If you do not meet with your advisor, a hold on your account will prevent you from registering for future classes. It is highly recommended that you meet with your advisor early and often and do not wait until the hold is in effect. The hold is not meant to be punitive, but rather to ensure that you make this very important connection. Advisors' schedules often fill quickly during registration periods, so plan accordingly!

Below are some frequently asked questions to help clarify this requirement. For further clarification, please email

I transferred as a senior and will only be at PSU for one year. Do I need to meet with an advisor?

Who is my advisor?
You are assigned an advisor within one of PSU's Advising Pathways; this is based on your major or pre-professional program (e.g., medicine, education, law). You can find your advisor listed in Banweb under Student Services. If you do not have an assigned advisor, please email If you are still exploring majors, you should meet with an advisor in the Advising Pathway that best matches your academic interests. 

You may also have a faculty advisor or a program advisor (Honors, Multicultural Retention Programs, Athletics, etc.). In most cases, you should see your pathway advisor for your First-Year Advising Appointment. 

When should I meet with my advisor?
Any time during your first two terms, but do not wait until the hold goes into effect as it will impact your ability to register. Ideally, you will meet early in your first term to establish a relationship with your advisor. The schedule for the next term comes out around Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day, so these are good times to schedule your appointment. Advisors are especially busy in the weeks leading to registration and can be booked out 3 weeks or more, so do not delay scheduling your appointment. Consult the Academic Calendar to work around priority registration dates.

After that, you should continue to meet with your advisor at least once a year to assure that you are making progress towards your degree and that you are taking advantage of all of the opportunities available to you.

I am a transfer student. Do I need to meet with an advisor?
Yes. The requirement is for both freshmen and new transfer students. While we understand that you are experienced in college, each institution is different and our advisors want to assure that you understand the uniqueness of PSU’s graduation requirements, academic policies, and support services.

I am not planning to graduate from PSU. Do I need to meet with an advisor?
The hold will go in effect before registration for your third term, so if you do not continue at PSU after two terms, it will not impact you. However, it is recommended that you meet with an advisor so you are aware of all your options should your change your mind.

I transferred as a senior and will only be at PSU for one year. Do I need to meet with an advisor?
Yes. In fact, your advisor will review your final graduation plan and help you apply for your degree.

What will happen when I meet with my advisor? 
Some of the topics your advisor can assist you with include:

  • Understanding your graduation requirements and creating a degree plan
  • Accessing appropriate financial tools and resources and directing you to financial support services
  • Confirming your major choice and/or helping you identify a major that suits your skills, values, interests, and goals (to be done before you reach 90 credits, or during the first term, if you are a transfer student) 
  • Exploring careers (to be done before you reach 90 credits, or during the first term, if you are a transfer student)
  • Reviewing your final graduation plan and applying for your degree!

I saw an advisor at Orientation. Why do I have to do it again?
Orientation is designed to prepare you for your first term at PSU; your first-year advising is intended to help you beyond that.

I met with my advisor already, but I still have a hold. What do I do?
Advisors see many students each day for a variety of reasons and removing the hold could be overlooked, especially if you did not mention that the purpose of your appointment was your first-year advising requirement. It could be that your interaction was unrelated to your graduation requirements or your advisor did not feel you had a good understanding of your requirements at the time of your meeting.  Check back in with your advisor to discuss your situation. Other holds (e.g., for unpaid account balance) may be preventing your registration as well. You can view your holds in your Banweb account.

I changed my major. Do I meet with an advisor in my first major or my new major?
Since the intent of the requirement is to understand your graduation requirements and to connect you with an advisor in your major, you should meet with someone in the major you plan to pursue. You also should change your major on your student record in Banweb so that the new department may contact you. If you are unsure about whether you should change majors, talk with your advisor about your options.

I am an academic advisor. How do I remove a student’s hold?
The hold is removed in your faculty Banweb account. If you do not know the process, please contact your department chair or Pathway Director.