General Education

General Education Options at Portland State

All universities have a general education curriculum included as part of the baccalaureate degree requirements. The general education curriculum differs at each institution and is typically titled differently. The goal of general education curricula is to assure that all graduates have a common set of coursework designed around the university's educational goals and gain skills that employers seek: communication, critical thinking, teamwork and collaboration.

General education curriculum is also designed to assure that graduates have a breadth of coursework from across the university's curricula. At PSU, University Studies and the Honors College are the two options for general education. Both programs include unique requirements over in a four-year pathway. Transfer students are placed based on the credits upon entry to PSU.

University Studies

University Studies provides students with integrated, connected learning experiences that lay the foundation for lifelong intellectual development. Extending through all four years, the program teaches you how to think critically, communicate effectively, and gain a broad awareness of the human experience to instill a deep sense of responsibility to yourself, your peers and your community

Transfer students are placed into University Studies courses based on the number of credits completed at the time they enter PSU.

When registering for classes, Freshman and Sophomore Inquiries, as well as Senior Capstone, are found under the subject University Studies. Upper Division Cluster courses are found under the academic department which teaches the course (e.g., SOC 337U is found under Sociology). Use the advanced search feature to find courses in a specific cluster.

University Honors College

Honors at PSU offers courses in the theory and research methods of the human, natural, and social sciences as well as a wide-ranging selection of intensive interdisciplinary seminars. Students have the opportunity to work closely with faculty on research projects, network and gain experience through internships, and study abroad with Honors faculty. In their final year, Honors students research and write a baccalaureate Honors thesis. Students in any department or major can join the University Honors College; all Honors students graduate with prestigious University Honors in their chosen field.

Transfer students should consult with the Honors College Advisor regarding placement into Honors College courses.

When registering for classes, all courses in the Honors College are found under the subject University Honors College.