Majors and Pre-Professional Programs:

Majors: Applied Health & Fitness; Biology; Biochemistry; Chemistry; Earth Science; Environmental Science; Environmental Studies; Geography; Geology; Public Health Studies; Science

Pre-professional programs: Pre-Chiropractic Medicine, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medical Laboratory Science, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Naturopathic Medicine Pre-Nursing, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Pre-Optometry, Pre-Pharmacy, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Radiation Therapy

Important information for students starting PSU in Fall 2021:

Incoming freshmen and transfer students should complete Orientation prior to scheduling an appointment with their advisor for their first term. Completing Orientation opens access to registration and covers the information necessary to select and register for classes. If you still need help after completing the Orientation, you may follow up with your advisor afterwards using the links below. 

How to meet with an HSE Advisor:

Students in this Pathway, including Exploratory, are assigned to their advisor based on the major or pre-professional program. Please see the listing below.

To schedule an appointment, call our Front Desk at 503-725-3822 or use the appropriate advisor's link below. Please note that if you have a pre-professional program, you should meet with that advisor, regardless of your major.

For general questions, email Please do not use this email to request an appointment. 

Advisors by Pre-Professional Program

Pre-Professional advisors serve all majors, unless noted otherwise.

Pre-Chiropractic Medicine

Pre-Dental Hygiene


Pre-Medical Laboratory Science


Pre-Naturopathic Medicine


Pre-Occupational Therapy



Pre-Physical Therapy

Pre-Physician Assistant

  • Abby Schmidt (unavailable in August)
  • Alyssa Dart (on leave through Dec 2021)
  • Ari Douangpanya (Schedule with Ari)
  • For additional advisor availability, schedule online or call 503-725-3822 to make an appointment.

Pre-Radiation Therapy

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Advisors by Major

If you are considering a pre-health track (i.e. pre-dentistry, pre-medicine, pre-nursing, pre-pharmacy, etc.), please find your advisor using the pre-professional list instead.

Applied Health & Fitness




Earth Science

Environmental Science/Environmental Studies


  • All Health, Science, and the Earth advisors



Public Health Studies: Community Health Promotion

Public Health Studies: Health Services Administration

Public Health Studies: Healthy Aging

  • Alyssa Dart (on leave through Dec 2021)
  • Jane Mercer (Schedule with Jane)
  • Belinda Zeidler
  • For additional availability, schedule online or call 503-725-3822 to make an appointment.

Public Health Studies: Pre-Clinical Health Science

  • See the list on the left to choose an advisor based on your pre-health track or call 503-725-3822 to make an appointment.

Public Health Studies: School Health Educator


* *Students who change to the Science major may continue to meet their original advisor.

Health, Science & the Earth Advisors