Postbaccalaureate/Graduate Student Information

Postbaccalaureate Pre-Admission Advising

There are many options for continuing your education after completing your bachelor's degree, and being a "postbac" student allows you to take either undergraduate or graduate courses. We strongly recommend speaking with an advisor or faculty member in the program you are considering prior to applying for admission to make sure it is the right option to meet your goals.

Some programs have specific advising options for postbac students:

If the program you are interested in is not listed above, view our list of programs to meet with an Undergraduate Advisor, or if you are planning to complete prerequisites for other graduate programs at Portland State, contact Graduate Admissions at

Postbaccalaureate Advising After Admission

Postbac students are not required to attend a New Student Orientation. To assist with your transition to Portland State, you should review the Postbaccalaureate Checklist which details the steps to take before signing up for classes.

Academic advising for postbac students who are completing a second bachelor’s degree, certificate or pre-professional program is provided by the academic department or advising pathway. You should familiarize yourself with the graduation requirements for completing a second bachelor’s degree. If you are an international student, be aware of writing and degree (BA, BS) requirements. The university does not automatically evaluate your previous college courses, but you can request a "Postbac Transfer Evaluation" from an advisor in your department or pathway to transfer the applicable courses towards your second degree.

Academic advising for postbac students who are preparing to enter a graduate program at Portland State is provided by the specific program. Reach out to Graduate Admissions for details on the admissions process or to connect with a specific department by emailing

Advising for Students Admitted to a Graduate Program

Academic advising for students admitted to a graduate program is handled by each graduate programs. If you have questions about how to locate your graduate advisor, contact your academic program. If you need help with your Degree Audit (DARS) or graduation paperwork, contact the Graduate School at