Community College Program

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Community College Program

Portland Community College LSAMP

LSAMP maintains a partnership with Portland Community College (PCC) to recruit and retain underrepresented students in STEM prior to their transfer to PSU.  Through weekly visits to each of PCC’s four main campuses, the LSAMP Community College Liaison maintains contact with a district-wide cohort of 24 students.  LSAMP PCC STEM students benefit from tutoring, networking, advocacy, and transfer support.  They attend quarterly workshops, networking events, and STEM conferences; they participate in social events with their PSU LSAMP peers and many successful LSAMP alumni, and can become involved with leadership initiatives and community outreach.

LSAMP STEM Ambassadors, successful transfers to PSU, work with the PCC cohort, act as mentors, and assist with program planning. In previous years, up to four transferring LSAMP PCC STEM students have been selected for a Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE). Upon transfer, LSAMP PCC STEM students continue to benefit from services provided and relationships established through the LSAMP Program at PSU.

To apply to the PCC LSAMP Program, please contact Ariadna Covarrubias Ornelas, our Community College Liaison at

Mt. Hood and Clackamas Community College

Through an informal partnership with Mt. Hood and Clackamas Community Colleges, PSU LSAMP staff are available to assist soon-to-transfer community college students to PSU. Staff are available to support you in navigating the communication channels from admissions to admittance to majors. If you are a student at Mt. Hood, or Clackamas and are interested in joining LSAMP, please fill out this Google Form so we can get in touch with you.

Another Resource:

Transfer and Returning Student Resource Center

The Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center helps students smoothly transition to PSU and supports you on your path to degree completion.

The resource center offers academic and career advising to prospective transfer and returning adult students, assistance in accessing PSU resources and services, as well as workshops and events specifically for transfer and returning students. Visit this page to learn more about their services.


Students Served

Between 2014-2020, 130+ students participated in LSAMP community college programming. Students at Portland Community College are regularly brought to the PSU campus for major-specific advising, programming, and social events with peers. Based on survey data, students report that exposure to these resources and peer networking are helpful in creating a successful transfer experience.

Access to Resources

Transfer students responding to the 2019 annual student survey expressed that LSAMP helped them navigate the university by providing advising and helpful information about opportunities across campus. Students also reported that the resources available to them at the LSAMP Centers were helpful, that LSAMP provided them with a community, and that LSAMP generally helped ease their transition.