How To Join LSAMP

Graduate student researcher

Why Join?

Students are more likely to succeed in STEM when they feel like they are part of a community, believe in the values of the community they are part of, and also have tools and know-how to succeed in their career. These are developed through opportunities to build relationships with students, faculty and staff; participating in research, internships, or other professional development opportunities; and most importantly, feeling valued in these academic and social communities. Students who join LSAMP are able to build to and contribute such communities.

Diversity and Inclusion

National data shows that students from Black, Latino/x, Native American, Alaska Native, Pacific Islander backgrounds are underrepresented in STEM pathways. At the local level, we recognize that the diversity of our STEM graduates does not reflect the diversity of the local community. LSAMP is dedicated to providing a supportive environment that positively impacts student retention and serves to build a community of advocates across and outside of campus.