The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiative in Applied Linguistics

In Applied Linguistics, we often study the connection between language and issues of equity, inclusion, and diversity in societies. But we don't want to only study these connections. We want our values reflected in our department. In spring 2021, we are therefore starting a multi-step diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiative to help us attract diverse students to our programs, and to increase the inclusive, equitable experience that all students have once they are in the department.

Step 1: Input from students and alumni through facilitated conversations

Students and alumni will speak with a facilitator from outside our department. In spring 2021, we are starting with conversations via Zoom with students who identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Color (BIPOC). All comments are anonymous. Participants are compensated for their time. In future terms, we hope to expand to other groups, such as those with disabilities, different genders and sexual orientations, or non-traditional pathways (first-generation college students, returning students, students with family responsibilities, or students with financial hardships). Learn more and RSVP for the BIPOC student facilitated conversation with this link.

There are two times to choose from:
Saturday, April 10th , 3pm - 5pm Pacific Time Session full
Monday, April 12th, 7pm - 9pm Pacific Time

Step 2: Analysis and draft plans

Based on what we learn from the facilitated conversations, we will draft a plan for ways to improve department policies and practices or to re-emphasize effective policies and practices we already have.

Step 3: Ongoing collaboration with a Student Advisory Board

We will form a Student Advisory Board to meet regularly. They will provide input on the draft plans, keep other students informed, and help the department continue with DEI-related efforts. As with the facilitated conversations, we plan to compensate board members for their time.