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James R. Nattinger Deceased

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Keith Walters | waltersk@pdx.edu

Keith Walters is co-author of “Everything’s an Argument.” 

Everything’s an Argument helps students understand and analyze the arguments around them and raise their own unique voices in response. Lucid explanations cover the classical rhetoric of the ancient Greeks through the multimodal rhetoric of today, with professional and student models of every type. In today’s contentious political climate, a solid foundation in rhetorical listening skills teaches students to communicate effectively and ethically. 

Thomas Dieterich is co-author or Structure and Theme in English Grammar: A Skills Course for Language Professionals 

This book is a user-friendly exploration of the structure of English, which draws on readers' knowledge of their own language. Throughout the text, Exploration Activities lead the students to discover how the language works. Many examples are taken from real-world sources, enhancing the natural, conversational tone. The descriptive theory used in the text is easily accessible to a general, non-specialist audience.