Welcome, transfer students!

The PSU Applied Linguistics Department welcomes students transferring from community colleges as well as from other 4-year universities. 

Students can major in Applied Linguistics or minor in Applied Linguistics to supplement a major in a related area. Students can also earn a certificate for teaching English as a second language (TESL). These opportunities bring together students from a wide variety of backgrounds, creating a stimulating environment for study and exploration. Students engage with curricular material and often continue class discussions over coffee and beyond. Personal connections with faculty allow students to pursue individual interests within the field. Overall, the department's strong sense of community provides a rewarding and supportive experience. 

PSU Requirements

Portland State accepts transferable college-level credits from any regionally accredited institution of higher education. PSU will only award transfer credit for a course if that course has not already been counted as meeting requirements towards a previously awarded degree. 

For more detailed information about PSU credit transfer and degree requirements, please contact Admissions and Registration directly. Transferred credits recorded by the Office of the Registrar will appear on the student's transcript. The transferred credits will be listed along with the names and numbers of corresponding PSU courses. 

PSU's Transfer & Returning Student Resource Center can help you have a smooth transition to the university.

Department of Applied Linguistics Requirements

Please note that even if the Office of the Registrar has marked transfer credit as "corresponding to" a particular Applied Linguistics course listed in the PSU University Bulletin, no transfer credit can be granted toward an Applied Linguistics degree until the Applied Linguistics faculty advisor has approved the specific transfer course content. 

The Applied Linguistics advisor will evaluate the course content for each proposed transfer-credit course (or combination of courses) and determine whether it fulfills PSU Applied Linguistics requirements. The student is responsible for providing the advisor with the documentation necessary to do this evaluation (university course catalog, syllabus, etc.). If the transfer course content is determined to not meet Applied Linguistics course content requirements, the student will be obliged to complete the PSU Applied Linguistics course. However, any transferred credit which is listed on the student's PSU transcript does automatically count towards PSU institutional requirements, such as the total number of credits for graduation. 

LING 390 Introduction to Linguistics Transfer Credit

A LING 390 waiver is available only by approval of the Applied Linguistics faculty advisor.

The learning community in this department is incredible. It's very much a community, which I know is not the case for every department. Not only is there a community of students, but the faculty and students and the larger community that we live in form another, even larger community.

-- Dustin Lanker, BA major in Applied Linguistics