Bike Parking Policy

Bicycle parking (both indoor and outdoor) at PSU is reserved solely for the purpose of parking bicycles and electric assist bicycles as defined by Oregon statute. This includes human-powered vehicles, including tricycles, recumbent bikes, and other variations thereof which:

  • Have pedals and are pedal-operated and
  • Are not required to be licensed and registered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (see Oregon DMV)

Mopeds, gas scooters, and motorcycles (both electric and combustion powered) are NOT permitted to park at bicycle racks.

PSU bicycle racks are not intended for the storage of bicycle trailers or any non-vehicular object that does not independently meet the Oregon definition of a bicycle or electric bicycle.

The Bike Hub advises against locking bikes to outdoor bicycle racks for extended periods of time, as bicycles left unattended may encourage theft and vandalism. PSU shall not be held responsible for any bicycles and/or bicycle parts that are stolen or damaged while parked on campus.

Bike Share Parking Policy

Bicycles that are part of an established bike share company and are operating on campus must be locked to their company bike station/dock, any standard bike rack or in a bicycle parking area. Bikes may not be locked to handrails, lightposts, or other fixtures or left in any pedestrian right of way or landscaped area. All bike share bicycles that are not locked in accordance with PSU Bike Parking Policy may be removed and confiscated by Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS).

Electric Scooter Policy

Electric scooters including those that are part of an electric scooter share program must not be parked, left standing, or left unattended in any pedestrian right of way. Electric scooters may be parked in furnishing zones or in bicycle parking areas. Any obstruction of building entrances or right of way will be considered a violation of this policy and may be removed and confiscated by Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS). Electric scooters may not be parked in any PSU parking lot or garage.

Electric scooters must comply with all relevant state laws and are not permitted to be ridden on sidewalks or in crosswalks. Riders must also wear helmets while operating.

Improperly Parked Bicycles

Bicycles parked on campus can and will be confiscated by Transportation and Parking Services (TAPS) for any of the following reasons:

  • Bicycle is considered abandoned (locked to or located on PSU property for longer than 5 continuous days)
  • Bicycle is considered damaged (bicycle is visibly in-operable, missing parts, flat tires, etc.)
  • Bicycle is considered improperly locked, as defined by the following:
    • Class A Violation

      • Bicycle is creating an obstruction, i.e. blocking an entrance/exit or walkway, 
      • Bicycle is creating an immediate hazard, or damaging property 
      • Bicycle is locked to a hand rail or ADA required access way or facility
    • Class B Violation

      • Bicycle is locked in an area not designated for bicycle parking
      • Bicycle is locked to a tree or other landscaping feature, street lighting, street signage, etc.
      • Bicycle is locked to another bicycle
      • Bicycle is unlocked and unattended

Reporting Improperly Parked Bicycles

Requests for removal of bicycles that are improperly parked should be made to the PSU Bike Hub by calling 503-725-9006 or emailing Requests should include:

  • Reason for removal
  • An accurate description of the bicycle
  • Bicycle location

If a bicycle is found to be improperly parked, a tag will be placed on the bicycle indicating that it is in violation of the PSU Bicycle Parking Policy. The tag instructs the owner to remove their bicycle within 24 hours (or less, depending on the severity of infraction). A description of the bike shall be recorded at the time it is tagged.

Depending on the severity of the infraction, TAPS parking enforcement may place a lock/boot on the bike, immobilizing it until the owner makes contact with TAPS to request removal.

If the bicycle has not been removed by its owner or the owner has not contacted TAPS within 24 hours, or the amount of time designated on the tag, the bike will be considered abandoned and will be removed and impounded by TAPS. 

In the event of recovering an impounded bicycle, owners must provide a description of their bicycle and valid photo ID.  Bicycles remaining unclaimed after 14 days shall be disposed of in accordance with PSU TAPS policy. 

PSU shall not be responsible for the cost or replacement of any personal property damaged or destroyed in the process of removing a bicycle that has been improperly locked or abandoned on campus. 

Locks may not be left attached to public bicycle racks. Locks that are left are assumed abandoned and will be removed.

Reporting Stolen Bicycles

In the event that your bicycle is stolen, or parts or accessories have been removed, please contact the Campus Public Safety Office (CPSO) at 503-725-4407 and file a police report with the Portland Police Bureau by calling the non-emergency line at 503-823-3333. We also recommend you file a listing with Stolen Bike and, which are third-party databases.

If you find an abandoned bicycle you believe to be stolen, please bring it to CPSO and file a report.

Long Term Bicycle Parking

All bicycles parked in long term bicycle parking facilities are required to have a permit. Permits are issued by the PSU Bike Hub. Non-permitted bicycles found inside these facilities will be removed and impounded by TAPS.

Facilities are electronically accessed, and there are cameras at all entries and exits. Do not allow others to enter the facility behind you or as you exit, or else your permit can be revoked and you may be subject to additional fines. 

Users are guaranteed one available space to park their bicycle, and may lock it to any available rack in the facility. 

All bicycles parked in these facilities must have a permit decal affixed to the bicycle in a readily accessible location. The purpose of the decal is to verify: a) the owner of the bicycle, and b) that the permit is valid. For individuals with more than one bike, additional decals (with the same permit number) may be issued at no additional cost, however, only one bicycle may be parked inside the facility at any time.  

In the event the access ID card or access fob is lost or stolen, contact TAPS immediately to have access for that item terminated. Access ID cards will need to be replaced at ID Services in Fariborz Maseeh Hall (subject to applicable fees).

Bike garages are for bicycle parking only; no other vehicles or personal property may be stored inside the bicycle garage (except in lockers) with the exception of bicycle locks, which may be stored only in designated areas. 

Bicycles that obstruct access or prevent others from using the racks properly are subject to TAPS policy on abandoned, damaged or improperly locked bicycles (see above). If your bicycle is improperly locked, a notice will be placed on it and you will be contacted by TAPS staff. If not addressed within 24 hours, improperly locked bicycles may be impounded.

Improperly locked bikes should be reported to PSU Transportation & Parking Services at 503-725-3442. Please report any suspicious behavior to CPSO at 503-725-4407. 

Disposal of Abandoned Bikes

Bicycles that have been impounded and remain unclaimed for 14 days will either be repurposed for the PSU VikeBike Program or donated to a local bicycle non-profit. In the event that an abandoned bicycle is damaged or beyond repair, it will be recycled and disposed of after 14 days.

Lock Removal Requests

Request By Owner:

 Lock removal requests should be made at the PSU Bike Hub:

  • Bicycle must be parked on the PSU campus or immediately in front of a PSU owned building
  • Valid PSU ID must be provided at the time of the request
  • Fees may apply

The PSU Bike Hub can also provide a list of local locksmiths for assistance.

If the bicycle is located off campus, on public property, or other private property, the owner should contact the City of Portland’s Transportation Options Bicycle Program (503-823- 2925), or the Portland Police non-emergency line (503-823-3333) to establish a record of removal.  

Request By Non-Owner:

In the event that another lock has been placed on your bicycle, by mistake or on purpose, please contact the PSU Bike Hub. A warning tag will be placed on the lock. If the owner of the lock does not contact the Bike Hub in a timely manner, the lock and any other bicycle secured with that lock will be subject to TAPS policy on improperly locked bicycles.

If the bicycle is located off campus, on public property, or other private property, the owner should contact City of Portland’s Transportation Options Bicycle Program 503-823-CYCL (2925), or Portland Police non-emergency line (503-823-3333) to establish a record of ownership and have it removed.  PSU TAPS does not have authorization to cut a lock that is on a rack that is not on PSU property or immediately in front of a PSU building.