Coronavirus Response

COVID Dashboard for February 22, 2021 showing 1265 total COVID tests samples collected at SHAC (588 rapid tests) and 43 total positive cases on campus since March, 2020; 2 new cases were reported in February with no new cases in the last week.

COVID Testing Strategy

The Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) is currently offering testing, available by appointment and after screening. Any member of the PSU Community (any student or employee, including full and part time faculty) can contact SHAC to discuss COVID health concerns, including symptoms or concern for possible exposure. Following guidance from Multnomah County, SHAC is prioritizing testing for individuals who are symptomatic. Testing at SHAC for individuals who are not symptomatic will be determined on a case by case basis in consultation with a SHAC medical professional. 

How to Schedule with SHAC

Please call SHAC at (503) 725-2800 during office hours (Monday - Thursdays, 9 - 5; Fridays 10-5; Monday-Friday SHAC will be closed 12-1:00 for lunch). Following a medical screening, SHAC may recommend that an individual visit SHAC for a COVID test or seek a COVID test from another medical provider (e.g. their primary care provider, their local county, etc.).

Reporting COVID-Exposure, Test Results, or Diagnosis 

Informing SHAC of COVID-19 exposure, positive test results, or diagnosis is strongly recommended in order for PSU to initiate centralized university-level responses to protect students, staff and faculty during COVID-19. Please report if you have been to the PSU campus within the past two weeks. Please complete the COVID-19 Reporting Form and a representative from Center for Student Health & Counseling will be in contact with you by phone.

About the PSU COVID Dashboard

Dashboard numbers reflect the total number of tests samples collected, tests conducted and cases reported, cumulatively, since the beginning of the pandemic. COVID-19 case counts are based on positive test results collected by SHAC or positive results reported to SHAC by individuals or the Multnomah County Health Department.

The dashboard above depicts

  • How many COVID test samples SHAC has taken and sent to an external laboratory for testing;
  • How many COVID tests SHAC has conducted onsite;
  • Monthly and total COVID case counts (based on test results collected by SHAC or results reported to SHAC by individuals or the Multnomah County Health Department); and
  • Summary demographics of on-campus cases.

Defining an on-campus case

An “on-campus case” is a positive COVID-19 test result or diagnosis made by or reported to SHAC where the person was on campus in the past 14 days and is:

  • A student with on-campus activity (e.g taking an on campus class, athletics, working, etc)
  • A student that lives on campus
  • An employee working on campus
  • Someone who was on campus, even with no close contacts identified

‘On-campus” is defined as “on or within PSU-owned property or space leased by PSU."

A person who was on campus and who reports an exposure (that they are a close contact of someone who has COVID-19) should self isolate and follow guidance from their medical provider, but is not considered an “on-campus” case unless they test positive for COVID-19. 

Additional Case Information




Month of February, 2021


One non-resident student and one employee tested positive for COVID-19. Some potential on-campus exposures have been identified and have undergone testing and quarantine.

Month of January, 2021


Four resident students and four non-resident students tested positive for COVID-19. Some potential on-campus exposures have been identified and have undergone testing and quarantine.

Month of December


Six resident students, one non-resident student and three campus employees tested positive for COVID-19. Some potential on-campus exposures have been identified and have undergone testing and quarantine. 

Month of November


Eight resident students, three employees, four non-resident students and two on-campus contractors tested positive for COVID-19. Some potential on-campus exposures have been identified and have undergone testing and quarantine. 

Month of October


One resident student tested positive for COVID-19. A second student had an inconclusive COVID-19 test. Both students began quarantine immediately. A third case was identified in a non-resident student who had been on campus. A fourth case was identified in a tenant of an on-campus facility. No on-campus exposures have been identified.

Month of August


One resident student who also works on campus tested positive for COVID-19. No on-campus exposures identified.

Month of May


One non-resident student who also works on campus reported a positive COVID-19 test. No on-campus exposures identified. 

Managing PSU's Response

At PSU, our Incident Management Team representing all sectors of campus is leading our efforts to coordinate preparedness, response, communications and contingencies in case the virus spreads to Portland. Members of the IMT are trained in planning and response to any potential health or safety threat to our PSU community. 

PSU's COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan

In compliance with State of Oregon Executive Order 20-28 and the guidance from the Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Council, Portland State has adopted a comprehensive COVID-19 Health and Safety Operational Plan, as of Winter Term, 2021.

Do you have more questions about Portland State University's coronavirus response? Please send them to

MOST RECENT CAMPUS UPDATE - Gov. Brown announces vaccine eligibility for university employees

Campus Colleagues, 

Today we were heartened to hear Gov. Kate Brown is including university front line workers in the next round of 1B eligible Oregonians starting May 1. The governor also said Oregonians aged 45-64 will be eligible by June 1 and anyone 16 or older by July 1. We will be in touch with more information as it becomes available. 

Vaccinations are the surest and best path out of the current pandemic. And for Portland State, vaccination is a key part of our safe return to campus and to in-person instruction this fall. We are grateful for the governor’s acknowledgement that returning to in-person instruction is extremely important for many of Oregon’s post-secondary students and for PSU’s plans to be Open for Fall and Open for All. 

Vaccine sites will be available through existing health care channels and vaccination clinics. PSU’s Center for Student Health & Counseling is an approved vaccination site and university leaders are working closely with state and local public health officials with the goal of creating an on-campus option for vaccination. We hope to make access to the vaccine as easy as possible for eligible staff. 

Vaccine distribution will not mean an immediate return to normalcy. PSU will continue to follow federal, state and local mandates and guidance from public health experts on when and how to return to campus. Mask wearing and continued social distancing will be our reality for some time to come. 

Still, this is welcome news and another sign that we are making important progress in overcoming COVID-19.  We will continue to keep you informed as we receive additional details. If you have specific questions, you may submit them via the email address. 

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