What is CARE?

CARE connects students with resources when they are experiencing distress and/or other issues that might impact their ability to function at their best in and outside of the classroom. The CARE Team is a multidisciplinary group that meets weekly to discuss ways to support complex student cases such as, but not limited to:

  • Suicidal ideation or attempts
  • Activities or events that may impact the campus and/or surrounding community
  • Activities or events that may impact a student’s ability to stay in school

In addition to responding to crises, the CARE case manager takes steps to help support students before problems arise or issues become more complicated such as:

  • Medical emergencies and communicating with faculty
  • Food and/or housing insecurity
  • Mental health challenges

The case management component entails meeting with students one-on-one to hear about their academic barriers, and to collaborate on a plan to address these barriers in an effort to ease the stress of navigating multiple systems when a student is experiencing challenges.

Do you know someone who needs help?

No one expects you to have all the answers - only to help connect to the people who do. As a member of the Portland State University community you are in a unique position to identify signs of distress and connect students to supportive services. Our goal is for students to be safe and successful. This plan was developed to help if you or someone you know is having a difficult time.

Have you, or someone you know:

  • Behaved in an aggressive or out of control way?
  • Become isolated or start spending a lot of time alone?
  • Started drinking more or using drugs to deal with their feelings?
  • Talked about killing themselves or hurting someone else?

Do you feel:

  • Uncomfortable or uneasy?
  • Afraid for yourself or another person?
  • Scared to approach the person?
  • Worried things may get worse?

Connect with Us

You can reach us at askdos@pdx.edu to connect or schedule a virtual appointment.

If you need an immediate 24/7 response, call 503-725-4404 (Campus Public Safety Office) and/or 911.

The Office of the Dean of Student Life is currently closed for visits, but we are still working remotely Monday though Friday and want to help you.

All currently enrolled and recently enrolled PSU students, as well as parents and families, and faculty, staff, and advisors are welcome to connect with CARE and request assistance on behalf of students.

Submit a CARE report

If you have a concern that does not require immediate attention, submit a CARE Report and we will follow up with you within two business days. Please note that if you are submitting a CARE report outside of the business hours of Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. or during a university observed holiday, it will be reviewed within the following two business days.

Please be prepared to share PSU ID and/or pdx email. If that information is not accessible please provide external email account, name, social media name, or any alternative identification. In the report, attach documentation, if any, to support your concern. This could be e-mails, screenshots of social media posts, voicemails, etc.

After confirmation of the report, the CARE Program conducts direct outreach via email, phone and tracked e-letter up to three times before reporter follow up and resolving the case.


Faculty and staff may be the first to notice a student is struggling and may be in the best position to reach out with care and concern. The following is intended to provide you with resources and referral information for supporting distressed or disruptive students in addition to submitting a CARE Report. Anyone can utilize these resources, and it is not an exhaustive list.