SNAP Training and Education Program (STEP)

What is STEP?

The STEP program helps SNAP eligible students gain skills and access training to increase their ability to gain employment. Students are provided with individual case management services focused on retention, helping each student to reach the critical point of graduation.

Together with their Case Manager, students develop a personalized success plan to help guide their education and career goals. These plans not only outline the student’s pathway to success, but also result in the student taking full advantage of PSU’s network of support services. Each month, students are assigned tasks that bring them closer to their individualized goals.

The STEP team understands that it is crucial to reach graduation in order to obtain gainful employment, and each student's case manager is determined to help them reach this goal.


STEP’s Mission Statement

The STEP program combats poverty and food scarcity on the PSU campus through an equitable framework while supporting students in obtaining gainful employment. SNAP eligible students are provided financial assistance and assigned a case manager that provides accountability coaching, resource connections, and creates pathways to degree obtainment.



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Am I eligible for STEP?

STEP eligible students are:

1.) Currently receiving (or are eligible to receive) SNAP benefits;

2.) Currently enrolled;

3.) Attending as either an undergraduate or post-bac student.

If this describes you, please complete the Interest Form:

If you have specific questions about the STEP program, please email


Our commitment to equity is integral to the STEP Program. Discrimination or harassment based on age, disability, national origin, race, color, marital status, veteran status, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information or in the use of Worker's Compensation, Federal Family Medical Leave Act, or the Oregon Medical Leave Act is strictly prohibited by PSU Prohibited Discrimination & Harassment Policy and is unlawful.

Meet the Team

STEP Case Manager 

Justin Barrieault (he/him/his)

Justin brings years of case management experience to the role of STEP Case Manager, as well as  extensive experience working on a college campus. Through his time as a Financial Coach housed in PSU's Financial Wellness Center, Justin has gained the applicable experience and skills needed to assist the campus's most vulnerable populations. As the STEP Case Manager, Justin meets with students one-on-one, orienting them to the STEP program, and providing them with the support they need to reach their goals.

Basic Needs Hub/STEP Program Intern

Erika Hager (she/her/hers)

Erika is a Masters in Social Work student at PSU who is working collaboratively with both the STEP program and the Basic Needs Hub. She brings experience working with vulnerable populations both as a housing case manager and as an inpatient psychiatric tech. Her knowledge of social welfare brings an equity lens to STEP services. Erika assists with STEP case management as well as curriculum and programmatic development.