Information for Faculty

IMPORTANT: While we are offering classes remotely, we recommend that you first look through your inbox to see what accommodations you’ve been asked to provide for the term. You can then find specific information about the accommodations from the lists below and advice on how to provide these accommodations.  If you have any questions about an accommodation, please consult with the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

Faculty should not ask the student for documentation or information about their diagnosis; nor should faculty accept disability documentation from the student. Disability documentation should be given to the DRC only. The Faculty Notification Letter from the DRC provides the information faculty need to know to accommodate the student.


Information for Students

Students who experience medical, mental health, learning, mobility, or other disabilities should first contact the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to get registered. Once students are registered, the accommodation process should be a collaboration between the student, the DRC, and the instructor. 

To notify faculty of your accommodations, each term, enter your service requests in DRC Online. Our system then generates a Faculty Notification Letter that is sent to each instructor.

It is important to communicate with instructors about the accommodations which appear on your Faculty Notification Letter to make sure you are both on the same page about what is needed.

Remote / Online Classes

Not all of your accommodations will be needed in the remote/online environment. You may notice that some of your accommodations do not appear on your spring term accommodation letter (email). We have redesigned your accommodation letters so that only the accommodations needed in the online/remote environment show up to minimize confusion for everyone.

Update Your Accommodations if Needed

If you have any questions about how your other accommodations apply in a remote or online setting, please refer to the accommodations section of our website or contact your Access Counselor & Consultant. We are happy to help!

If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Phone: 503-725-4150

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