Alternative Format Agreement

All students need to register with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and have E-text (Alternative Format) as an eligible accommodation before submitting alternative format requests.


Proof of Ownership and Acceptable Use

If you need alternative formats for a textbook or course packet, you need to purchase a physical or inaccessible electronic copy. The DRC cannot share accessible digital files with you if we do not have proof of purchase. Proof of purchase may take the form of a printed bookstore receipt, or an electronic receipt from an online store. You can submit your proof of purchase or rental in person, or you can email them to

Publishers may not always be able to provide an electronic copy. If this occurs, DRC staff may need to cut the spine off and scan your textbook in order to make it accessible. If the DRC needs to cut and scan a textbook, we will ask you to bring your print copy to our office. Please note the DRC cannot cut and scan rental texts. If you cannot provide a textbook for cutting and scanning, the DRC may not be able to provide access electronic copies of requested course materials.

The DRC can convert the following materials to an alternative format:

  • Required textbooks (you must provide proof of purchase or rental)
  • Course Packets (you must provide proof of purchase or rental)
  • Course Handouts (You are responsible for sharing these materials with Alternative Formats after you receive them from your instructor)
  • When you receive accessible copies of textbooks, course packets, and any supplemental course materials through the DRC, you are not permitted to share, distribute, or copy the materials, or otherwise violate federal copyright law. If you do violate copyright law, it is a violation of of the PSU Student Code of Conduct.
  • If you sell the text you purchased, or your license for access or rental expires, you must destroy the accessible copy provided by the DRC. If you keep this copy after sale or access or rental expires, it is a violation of federal copyright law.

Receipt, Conversion, and Delivery

  • When the DRC receives your alternative format request, we will submit a request to the publisher for an accessible, electronic format.
  • Once we have an accessible digital version, the DRC will ask you to submit proof of purchase or rental. 
  • After we receive your proof of purchase or rental, we will make the accessible digital version of the text available to you.
  • If the publisher has not made an electronic format available within seven (7) business days, DRC staff will request that you submit the print materials, along with proof of purchase, to be cut and scanned. 
  • Conversion and delivery of a PDF or DOCX version of requested materials generally takes no more than three (3) business days after the receipt of either publisher files or hard copy materials, although this timeframe may vary.
  • Fully edited text (accessible images, graphs, diagrams, etc. in DOCX or Braille format) may take longer to convert and may be converted, edited, and distributed over the course of the term in the order in which readings are assigned. If you are eligible for fully edited text, you must work with the DRC to submit copies of course syllabi as soon as those copies are made available.

You will be asked to e-sign this agreement every term when you log in to DRC Online to enter your service requests. On occasion, you may be asked to provide a signed copy of this agreement. If requested, print this page and sign as directed below, then return the signed document to the person who requested the signed copy.

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If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Phone: 503-725-4150

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