Flexible Attendance Agreement

Flexible Attendance gives students the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course knowledge and meet essential course requirements even when their disability interferes with their ability to attend class. 


I understand the following guidelines regarding my accommodation for flexible attendance:

  1. I must log in to DRC Online each term and request flexible attendance for each class where I think I might need it. A professor is not required to provide flexible attendance until they receive the official faculty letter from the DRC. Furthermore, accommodations are not retroactive so it is best to do this at least two weeks before each term begins.
  2. After receiving the DRC accommodation letter notification email, before I need to use the accommodation, instructors and I are equally responsible for communicating with each other regarding flexible attendance.
  3. Flexible attendance cannot change or reducer the essential requirements or specific learning outcomes of the course.
  4. When I need to use my flexible attendance accommodation, I am expected to make up any participation points that were missed since attendance and participation are separate expectations. I contact the professor to discuss how I can make up any participation I might have missed.
  5. The flexible attendance accommodation allows me to use a 24-48 hour window to make up any assignments, exams, or quizzes that were missed on the day of my absence.
  6. The following are things to consider regarding communication between me and my instructors:
    1. We can converse about my accommodation for flexible attendance in several ways, including a private meeting at the instructor’s office, by phone, or by email.
    2. This proactive conversation about flexible attendance should focus on the impact of missing a class and when flexible attendance may be reasonable.

Guide for Discussion Topics

  • Is essential information about assignments discussed in class only?
    • Often there are alternative ways for instructors to share this information. However, if the instructor feels that class discussion is the only way to convey necessary information, we will consult with the DRC if needed.
  • Does the course rely on student participation as a significant method for learning?
    • Most classes encourage, rather than require, student participation. However, if the instructor feels that the course requires in-class participation, my instructor and I will consult with the DRC if needed.
  • At any point during the term, are there required experiences which will affect a student’s grade if missed?
    • While these instances are rare, if the instructor feels this applies, we will consult with the DRC if needed.
  • To what degree might absences constitute a significant loss to the educational experience of other students in the class?
    • If the course requires group work, group discussion, or outside projects, multiple absences may affect others. If this is the case, we will consult with the DRC if needed.
  • Is virtual attendance possible and an appropriate substitution for in-class attendance?
    • If virtual attendance is possible, we will discuss how that will work and we will consult with the DRC if needed.
  • How will the student communicate that they will be missing class?
    • I am responsible for notifying my instructor of any disability-related absences as far in advance of each absence as possible. At times, my disability may come on suddenly and I may not have advance notice. In these cases, I am responsible for contacting the instructor as soon as I am able after the absence.

You will be asked to e-sign this agreement every term when you log in to DRC Online to enter your service requests. On occasion, you may be asked to provide a signed copy of this agreement. If requested, print this page and sign as directed below, then return the signed document to the person who requested the signed copy.

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If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Email: drc@pdx.edu
Phone: 503-725-4150

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