Peer Note Takers

Students in your classes may need help taking notes!

If your instructor has made an announcement or you’ve received an email looking for a Peer Note Taker, there is a student in your course who needs to be matched with someone who can share lecture notes. Peer Note Takers are paid by the DRC to share their notes with DRC students who are unable to take fast and quality notes in their lecture courses, and need a way to review and study the lecture material. If you would like to earn some extra money while in your classes, and share your notes with a classmate, sign up below!

What do I get out of note taking?

  • You are supporting your classmates and building our diverse PSU community!
  • Taking notes for others improves your own notes! It’s an additional motivation to attend and engage in classes.
  • Extra money while you’re in school! The DRC pays students $25.00 per credit hour (example: 10 weeks of notes for a four-credit course would earn a total $100)
  • Flexible work experience! 

New to Note Taking?

Getting started as a note taker is simple! 

Already signed up as a note taker?

If you have any questions about Peer Note Taking, please contact the Access Services Coordinator and check out our Peer Note Taking F.A.Q. Page!

Access Services Coordinator
For Note Taking Services
Phone: 503-725-6504

Check our home page for hours and Virtual Front Desk for more information.