Peer Note Taking

Peer Note Taking is an accommodation alternative for students who are unable to take fast and quality notes in their lecture courses, and need a way to review and study the lecture material. The DRC coordinates with the class instructor to announce the anonymous need for a peer note taker, and emails the information to the students in the class. When another student enrolled in the same course volunteers to be a peer note taker, they share their lecture notes through the portal DRC Online.

The DRC maintains the anonymity of the student(s) receiving notes and provides a small payment to the note taker for the work of sharing the notes with our office. Prospective note takers can find information on our Note Takers webpage.


After each term begins, the DRC will receive accommodation requests from students and begin recruiting for peer note takers in needed courses. The DRC may send an email to you, asking you to read the following announcement to the class. In addition to making the announcement, you can also choose to post the announcement on the course D2L page if you feel it would be helpful. Please keep in mind that the accommodation is confidential, so the announcement needs to be read and/or posted without mentioning the name(s) of the student(s).

"Would you like to make money for taking notes?  If you are willing to share your notes, you will be paid up to $25 per credit hour to type or scan and upload your notes to DRC Online. If you're interested, go to the DRC homepage, and click on the purple Apply Here link. You can also find answers to most questions by selecting "DRC Job Opportunities - Work at the DRC" in the top menu and selecting “Note Takers”. Please keep in mind that note taking is a confidential service, and you should not approach students to talk about it in class. Thanks."
The DRC may also send recruit emails to your class roster, where students can learn more about the opportunity and sign up as interested. If a student has any questions about becoming a peer note taker, please have them contact the DRC Access Services Coordinator at the end of this page.

Peer Note Taking is primarily an accommodation for courses with asynchronous lectures, that are not otherwise recorded or available for review. If you are live streaming, recording your lectures and making them available to the class on D2L creates a more equitable way for all students to access and review the lecture material as needed, and take notes at any pace. However, on a case-by-case basis, a student in your online/remote course may still need a peer note taker, and the DRC may still be taking the steps listed above.


Once you’ve met with the DRC and have peer note taking as an accommodation, you will be able to enter your course accommodations each term. In the first week of the term after you have attended one lecture, you will be able to confirm your need for a note taker in DRC Online. Once you have completed this step, the DRC Access Services Coordinator begins finding a note taker for your course. Once a note taker has been matched and begins uploading notes, you will receive an email to your PSU account that notes are available. If you have any questions about the process, contact the Access Services Coordinator listed at the end of the page. 

Peer Note Taking is primarily an accommodation for courses with asynchronous lectures, that are not otherwise recorded or available for review. However, if you are finding that a peer note taker would best meet your needs in your remote/online course, reach out to your DRC counselor and let them know. You will not be able to confirm your accommodation request over DRC Online. 

In your Note Taking Accommodation Agreement, you agreed to regularly download your notes or cancel your accommodation for courses that no longer need a note taker. If you have not downloaded your notes for more than two weeks, the DRC will send multiple email reminders to do so before cancelling the note taker for your course.

The Note Taker Agreement explains the note taking process and the responsibilities you and your note takers have in making sure this accommodation works smoothly.

If you are a student or instructor with questions about Peer Note Taking, please contact the Access Services Coordinator.

Access Services Coordinator
For Note Taking
Phone: 503-725-6504

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