Supplemental Information Regarding Testing Accommodations

Breaks During Tests

For Short Breaks, please add 10 minutes for every hour of exam time. For Breaks as Needed, please add .5x to the exam time.  You can add extended time on exams in D2L by following the instructions from the Office of Academic Innovation (OAI). Note that D2L uses the term "special access". Please use "breaks" when communicating with students about extended time. Examples below:

  • Student has no extended time but has “breaks during exams” = add .5x extended time
  • Student has 1.5x extended time and has “breaks during exams” = 2.0x extended time
  • Student has 2.0x extended time and has “breaks during exams”= 2.5x extended time

Distraction Reduced Space

Students who qualify for a distraction reduced testing space need a location with minimal outside noise and commotion. Visual and auditory distraction should also be minimal. Generally, providing these students with a separate room for testing (away from the testing space) is most appropriate. Note: Seating students in the back of a crowded classroom, in a hallway, or asking the class to remain silent, does not constitute a reduced distraction environment.

Reference Material

A single reference sheet or formula card is allowed unless doing so fundamentally alters a learning outcome of the course. The information provided on the card should be the information needed in order to help a student answer a question on the exam or quiz. IT SHOULD NOT INCLUDE THE EXACT INFORMATION NEEDED TO ANSWER A QUESTION ON THE EXAM OR QUIZ. For example, on a geometry quiz, the formula card may include: "y=mx+b", but the question on the quiz would be "Solve: 3y=12x+15".

Students must create and then submit their reference sheet to their instructor electronically within a reasonable time prior to the exam so the instructor can ensure the content is ok to be with the student for the exam. Instructors who are using Proctorio will work with the Office of Academic Innovation (OAI) to set this up.

Four Function Calculator

Students who are eligible for this accommodation should be permitted to use a four-function (add, subtract, multiply, divide) calculator on any in-class work or exam that requires mathematical computation, unless one or more of those four functions are an essential part of the learning outcomes in the course.

Adaptive Software

The Disability Resource Center will work with the student to ensure they have any adaptive software they may need. The use of adaptive software may affect how Proctorio functions. Instructors can connect with OAI about how to handle this by completing the OAI contact form.

Other Accommodations

The use of a dictionary, scratch paper, or talking aloud may affect Proctorio. Instructors can connect with OAI about how to handle this by completing the OAI contact form.

If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Phone: 503-725-4150

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