Syllabus Statement

Instructors are welcome to copy/paste the following statement into syllabi. It is already formatted for accessibility in both electronic and print formats.

Access and Inclusion for Students with Disabilities

PSU values diversity and inclusion; My goal is to create a learning environment that is accessible, equitable,, inclusive, and welcoming. I am committed to fostering mutual respect and full participation for all students. If any aspects of instruction or course design result in barriers to your inclusion or learning, please notify me. Additionally, the Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides reasonable accommodations for students who encounter barriers in the learning environment. The DRC works with students who have physical, learning, cognitive, mental health, sensory, chronic illness, and other disabilities.

If you have, or think you may have, a disability that may affect your work in this class and feel you need accommodations, contact the Disability Resource Center to schedule an appointment and initiate a conversation about reasonable accommodations.

If you already have accommodations, please contact me to make sure that I have received your faculty notification letter from the DRC so we can discuss your accommodations.

The DRC is located in 116 Smith Memorial Student Union, Suite 116. You can also contact the DRC at 503-725-4150 or, Visit the DRC online at

If you have questions about the information on this page, please contact the Disability Resource Center.

Phone: 503-725-4150

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