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A Mandatory Learning Module for Students

Understanding Sexual Misconduct and Resources Module

Mandatory Understanding Sexual Misconduct and Resources Module!

Portland State University desires to create a campus where our students, faculty and staff interact respectfully. As part of that mission, PSU requires all students to take the "Understanding Sexual Misconduct and Resources" learning module.

Find the module in D2L

The module and accompanying exam will take approximately 45 minutes to complete. At the conclusion of the module, students should be aware of internal and external resources, reporting options, and PSU's policies and codes regarding gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, dating violence and domestic violence.

If you need accommodations regarding a disability, please contact the Disability Resource Center at 503.725.4150. If you have any questions about the module please contact If you need support around any issues of sexual violence, harassment, stalking, dating or domestic violence, please contact any of the available support services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to take the module?

PSU desires to provide students with information on how to maintain a safe and respectful campus. The module teaches students about PSU's policies and codes regarding gender discrimination; dating and domestic violence; sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault.  The module informs students about support services on and off campus and how to report incidents. Please visit the Safe Campus Module website for more information.

How long will it take for me to complete the module/tutorial?

It should take about 30-40 minutes, but it may take some students longer.

By when do I need to complete it?

As soon as possible, but preferably by the end of this term.

Will I receive credit hours or a grade when I complete the module?

No, you will not receive a letter grade, but in order to complete the training you will need to get 6 out of the 7 questions correct on the quiz at the end of the module. The grade will not be noted in your academic record and you will not receive credit hours for completing it.

Is the module mandatory?

Yes, Federal laws (Title IX, Clery Act and the Campus SaVE Act) have mandated that universities provide students with the critical safety information in the module. To fulfill the federal requirement, PSU is requiring all students to complete the Safe Campus Module.

What happens if I don’t complete the module?

Dr. John Fraire, Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs, hopes 100% of the students will complete the training. However, if PSU students do not complete the module in a timely manner, consequences will be determined.

I am only auditing courses at PSU, am I required to take the module?

Yes, the requirement is the same as any other student.

Do I have to finish it all in one sitting?

No, you can pause the module and go back to the place where you left off. To do this, exit your session by clicking on the “My Home” text, or the PSU icon located on the black upper left side of the D2L toolbar, or the “Course Home” text and Logo icon that’s located on the light green toolbar beneath it.

Where will I find the Safe Campus Module?

All students have a Desire to Learn (D2L) web-based course management system. Once you have an “Odin” user name, you can log into your D2L. For more information on how to log into the Safe Campus Module course please see above.

What if I am having technical difficulties with logging into D2L or with the module?

Contact OIT’s help desk at 503-725-HELP (4357).

What if I cannot complete the module because it is inaccessible for me?

Please contact the Disability Resource Center at to request the accommodations you need to complete the module.

I am uncomfortable taking the module. Do I have to take it?

We understand that some of the issues in the module may be sensitive. We do not want the module to cause discomfort to any student.

Some people have questions about the content of the module.  This module contains critical information about PSU’s policies and services regarding safety issues that affect PSU students and campus community, including information about PSU’s policies and Student Code of Conduct regarding sexual discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault.  The module goes over campus support services and reporting options. Throughout the module there are scenarios or examples of the policies. There are no videos or graphic descriptions of violence. At the end out the module there is a quiz that provides you with scenarios and asks you to determine if there has been a policy violation or what course of action should be taken.

We would like to encourage all students to understand the material in the module. However, if you believe you cannot complete the module, please email to request an exemption. Be sure to include your student ID number in your request. If you need any support around these issues, please contact Student Health and Counseling at 503-725-2800 or stop in to speak with a counselor during daily walk in hours.

I have already taken an on-line training when I got a job at PSU as a student, do I need to complete another training?

Yes, there is one training for all employees at PSU called: [Employee] Creating a Culture of Respect: Preventing Prohibited Discrimination and Unlawful Harassment and another training for all students called: [Student] Creating a Safe Campus: Preventing Gender Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct and Sexual Assault. Students, who work at PSU, are required to take both training modules because one addresses material related to being an employee and the other addresses to being a student at PSU. These training modules are found in your D2L.

Why am I getting emails requesting me to take the Safe Campus training module when I have completed it?

It is likely that you did not pass the quiz at the end of the module at the required amount of 80%. If you did not, you will need to take the quiz again. If you think you passed the quiz, please send an email to the and we will look into it.

I have completed the training module and passed the quiz. Why is it still in my D2L?

The Safe Campus Training Module will remain in your D2L as long as you have a PSU ODIN account. It is there in case you would like to review it again to obtain information in the module.