It was a privilege witnessing students come to new realizations about the world, and great fun sharing this adventure with them.
- Dr. Brenda Glascott, Honors Department

What are International Faculty-Led Programs?

International Faculty-Led Programs (IFLPs) are PSU courses, designed for PSU students, taught by PSU faculty in a foreign country. These International Faculty-Led Programs are customized to the unique needs of your student body, so no two programs look alike. That said, there are some common themes among programs.

What do these programs look like?

Programs are often 2-3 weeks in length, though can range from 1-10 weeks long. They are typically worth 4-8 credits, and most run during the summer term. Programs generally have 1 program leader, working with a local partner, most typically this partner is sourced by the Education Abroad office. Keep scrolling for example programs. 

What if I don't have international contacts?

Your Ed Abroad Team works with a wide variety of high-quality educational partners who can help build your program from the ground up. They organize classroom space, transportation, guest lectures, housing, payments, and support your students 24/7 so you can concentrate on teaching!

Who can lead a program?

Anyone eligible to teach for credit at PSU can teach on an IFLP, yes that means adjuncts and staff, too! Not an instructor? Our international partners can provide academic content to support your role as a non-instructional program leader.

Do I get paid?

Yes! Program Leaders are are paid according to their contracted rate at PSU based on the number of credits each leader is delivering. Adjuncts, AAUP-represented faculty, and Administrative professionals are all eligible to teach on our programs. Program Leader salaries are almost always on the Office of International Affairs budget and have no impact on their typical teaching load.

Example Programs

Ready to Get Started?

Step 1: Interested faculty should meet with Hannah Marrs or Jennifer Hamlow, the Director of Education Abroad to discuss program ideas. Typically, program planning begins 12-18 months in advance of the departure date. The earlier we meet and discuss your program, the easier it will be to recruit and fill your course.

Hannah Marrs,

Jennifer Hamlow,

Step 2: If you have attend a Faculty-Led Info Session or met with Jen or Hannah, and are ready to start your proposal, you can do so here via Vikings Abroad.