"I wouldn't have thought to take any classes abroad...as far as being able to travel/take time off of work. Now that I have [taken this course], my interest in traveling has become stronger and it makes me want to broaden my scope of what is possible for my education experience. " - PSU student Jenna K.

Faculty-Led Virtual Study Abroad

PSU students need skills in cross cultural competency that will help them succeed in an increasingly global economic environment. However, many students cite finances, the inability to take time off work, and family obligations as primary reasons they will not study abroad while at PSU. Consider creating a course that serves these students and delivers academically relevant content through a virtual international experience. These programs can deliver the same skills students develop while abroad but at the same cost as their regular tuition.

PSU faculty can access our network of high-quality education abroad partner to source virtual guest lectureres, site visits, cultural activities, and even help with the technology to put it all together. Meet with Hannah Fischer, the Faculty-Led Coordinator.

Example Faculty-Led Virtual Programs

A-la-Carte Virtual Options

Create or enhance your existing courses with dynamic and engaging virtual content at no cost to your department or students, courtesey of our partners at USAC Study Abroad. They have a an excellent array of high-quality instructors from abroad who can supplement your course to add a cross-cultural experience for your students. This is a great way to introduce students to global perspectives with minimal work on the part of the faculty leader. 

This option is free for PSU faculty and can be requested with USAC directly. View a complete list of international faculty available in the 20/21 guest speaker series here.

COIL: Collaborative Online International Learning

Partner with a classroom abroad to create a course in which students complete shared assignments with faculty from each country co-teaching. Faculty can either create a new course from the ground-up with an international co-teacher, or they can adapt an existing syllabus (recommended) to the COIL model. 

At PSU, we are linking regularly taught PSU courses with partner classrooms in Japan, Germany, Algeria, Mexico, South Africa, and Qatar. Faculty and students collaborate on shared or complementary assignments using Zoom, Facebook, Google Docs, or other applications.