Added Secondary Course of Study

Added Secondary

Course of Study

Program of study

To earn an Added Secondary Endorsement, students must pass the subject-area NES test and submit a departmental recommendation form before formally applying to the program. Once accepted, students will take and pass any prerequisite courses* along with a subject-area methods class before completing a 90-hour practicum. After those requirements have been met, candidates submit their program completion paperwork to the College of Education Licensure Office. The licensure specialist will work with candidates and with TSPC to add the endorsement to their teaching license.

*Not all subject areas require prerequisite courses. See below.

I am seeking an endorsement in physical education/health, art, music, or world language:

1. Meet with a subject-area advisor, get transcripts reviewed, and receive a signed department recommendation. Send this completed recommendation form to Mark Wallace, admission coordinator for the program.

I am seeking an endorsement in English language arts, math, science, or social studies:

1. You do not need to meet with an advisor. Move on to step 2.

2. Pass the NES content area test prior to being admitted to the program

3. Apply to the C&I Added Secondary Endorsement Program

4. Enroll in your subject-area methods courses and earn a B or better in it. While in the methods course, apply for the practicum.

5. Take a 90-hour supervised practicum, which includes two observations

6. Follow the COE’s instructions for adding an endorsement to an existing license.



  • Students may do their practicum fall, winter or spring
  • Prerequisites:
    • Documentation showing passing of NES content area test
    • Formal admission to the program
    • Valid Oregon teaching license
    • Submitted field placement request by the deadline:
      • May 15 for fall practicum beginning late September
      • Oct 15 for winter practicum beginning early January
      • Jan 15 for spring practicum beginning late March/early April

Program completion and licensure

Once you have completed the methods class, taken and passed your NES content area test, and done your supervised practicum, you are ready to complete the program. PSU must provide verification to TSPC that you have met all requirements for the Added Secondary Endorsement to be added to your teaching license.

Step 1 - Complete program requirements

  • Formal admission to the Added Secondary Endorsement Program
  • NES content area test scores received by the College of Education
  • Content area methods class completed
  • 90-hour supervised practicum completed

Step 2 - Apply for endorsement by submitting the following:

Step 3 - Review instructions for adding an endorsement to your existing Oregon teaching license.

For general licensure information, contact licensure directly.