Principal License Course of Study

Principal License

Course of Study

Principal License curriculum (40 credits)

Direct instruction and group problem-solving assignments will be completed throughout the year. In addition, each cohort member completes a full-year guided clinical experience. All students must agree to complete the entire cohort program even though they may have already completed courses with numbers or titles similar to those required.

Program of study

Please review the following example programs of study:

Required courses

  • ELP 569 Introduction to Educational Administration (4 credits)
  • ELP 506 Improvement Science; Introduction to Anti-racist, Culturally Responsive Leadership (4 credits)
  • ELP 570 Visionary Leadership through Instructional Leadership for Equity (4 credits)
  • ELP 571 Instructional Leadership for Equity through Management and Community Engagement (4 credits)
  • ELP 572 Instructional Leadership for Equity using School and Community Resources and Collaborative Strategies (4 credits)
  • ELP 585 Anti-racist, Culturally Responsive Leadership for Equity (4 credits)
  • ELP 586 Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students, and Students Receiving Special Education Services (4 credits)
  • ELP 573 Anti-racist, Culturally Responsive Leadership Project I (1 credit)
  • ELP 574 Anti-racist, Culturally Responsive Leadership Project II (1 credit)
  • ELP 575 Anti-racist, Culturally Responsive Leadership Project III (1 credit)
  • ELP 509 Clinical Experience (9 credits)

The Principal License clinical experience

The 360-hour field-based clinical experience is the equivalent of working 120 hours per quarter or 12 hours per week in a building-level administrative capacity. During the clinical experience, the administrative intern seeks opportunities to develop fully as an educational leader and to acquire proficiency in the seven areas of administrative responsibility as outlined by TSPC's Performance Standards.


Candidates seeking recommendation from PSU for the Principal License must:

  • Possess a master’s degree from an accredited institution with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
  • Have completed a Principal License program at Portland State University
  • Have completed three years of successful licensed teaching or personnel service experience in public schools or regionally accredited private schools at the time of application for the administrative license
  • Apply for the Principal License within 1 year of completing the program. Currency of your coursework is a consideration by TSPC in granting licensure.
  • Contact the College of Education Licensure Office with any questions about licensure.