Secondary Dual Educator Program


Content area approval requirement

Content area prerequisite courses are determined by the academic advisor for the specific subject. You will need to meet with the advisor to determine which courses, if any, are required for your specific subject area. The advisor will indicate which classes are required on the Department Recommendation Form and submit to the GTEP department.

Each academic department at Portland State has an advisor who can review your transcript(s) and determine if you have the necessary coursework to qualify to teach in your academic content area. Use the Secondary Advisers for Departmental Recommendation list to contact the appropriate advisor and schedule an advising appointment. Plan to bring copies of all transcripts to the meeting and an academic departmental recommendation form. If you have met the necessary requirements for a content area, the advisor signs the form to qualify you for this program.

Test requirements

All teachers in Oregon must pass content knowledge tests before they can be licensed to teach. Documentation indicating passing scores for the following tests is required for admission into this program.

Test Requirements for Program Admission:

  • Content Knowledge Tests
    Oregon’s licensure agency (TSPC) has approved tests with two different testing vendors (Praxis and ORELA/NES), depending on the content knowledge. Students must pass the test(s) associated with the appropriate endorsement area* (e.g. Art, Biology, Chemistry, French, Business, German, Health, Integrated Science, Language Arts, Basic and Advanced Math, Music, PE, Physics, Social Studies, Spanish, and Speech) with their application.
    *The exception to this requirement is for the endorsement in Special Education. The test for Special Education may be taken during or at the completion of the program, but must be taken prior to recommendation for licensure. Content will be taught during the program.
    Please visit the two testing vendor websites to register for the appropriate test(s):

Test Requirements for Licensure:


Candidates must have a bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university and a strong academic record with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.

First, check the application deadline for your program. To apply, create an account or sign into the Portland State University Admissions Application system. When prompted for the program, select "College of Education" as the College, and then "Special Education: Secondary Dual Educator Program SDEP, MEd" as your program of study.

Application checklist

  • Program-specific application
  • Unofficial transcripts are accepted by the College of Education for the program application. You must submit transcripts for all institutions previously attended, regardless of whether you earned a degree or not. If admitted, you must send official transcripts to the Graduate School in order to register for classes.
    • Acceptable unofficial transcripts are:
      • Web-based transcripts downloaded from an institution: institution and student name must be visible on transcripts
      • Photocopies of official transcripts: these must include the front and back of all pages, including transcript key
    • Previous applicants:
      • If you’ve previously submitted official transcripts to PSU, you are still required to upload unofficial transcripts to complete your application.
  • After you are admitted, you must submit official transcripts to:
    • The Graduate School
      Portland State University
      PO Box 751
      Portland, OR 97207 - 0751
      Electronic official transcripts should be sent to
  • Two recommendation forms (forms are provided within application)
  • Documentation of passing scores on required tests
  • Academic Department Recommendation form

To validate your admission you must take a course during the term in which you have requested to be admitted. Should you not take a course in that term, your application will be cancelled and you will need to reapply.

Questions about the application process?

If you have questions about the application process, contact
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