At BUILD EXITO, we are committed to sharing our research broadly. Our faculty and students add to innovative research across many disciplines in the biomedical field, partnering with Research Learning Communities to conduct studies, synthesize data, co-author publications, and present at conferences.


EXITO Scholars are working on research projects in their Research Learning Communities across many different disciplines. 

Mujeres Fuertes y Corazones Saludables: adaptation of the StrongWomen —healthy hearts program for rural Latinas using an intervention mapping approach (Perry, C. K., McCalmont, J. C., Ward, J. P., Menelas, H.-D. K., Jackson, C., De Witz, J. R., Seguin, R. A.)

Selective Effects and Dominance of Somatic Mutations Accumulating during Vegetative Growth (Cruzan, M.B. E. Perez, and J.A. Schwoch)

Effect of Synthesis Temperature on the Formation GAC supported Pd and Au NPs. Microscopy & Microanalysis. (Meduri, K., Stauffer, C ., Linder, T., O'brien Johnson, G., Jiao, J.)

Association between Willingness to Exert Cognitive Effort and Smoking Abstinence (Phanouvong, A. Dyar, D. Mitchell, S)

Effects of Salinity on Plant Development of in vitro Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Explants and Growth of Pakchoi Seedlings (Paulino, T.  & Marutani, M. )

Correlations between Marijuana Use and Delay Discounting ( Phanouvong, A. & Mitchell, S.)

Palladium and Gold Nanoparticles on Carbon Supports as an Efficient Catalyst for the Sustainable Removal of Trichloroethylene (Meduri, K., Stauffer, C., Tratnyek, P., Linder, T., O'Brien Johnson. G., Jiao, J.)

Trajectory of Change of ST2 Following LVAD Implantation (Florig, S., Denfeld Q., & Lee, C.)

Banded Application of Phosgard 0-40-0 to a representative area in Guam's Pago Watershed. Journal: Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice (Flisco, V., Biggs, L., Lawrence, B., Golabi, M., Casila, J.)


EXITO-funded pilot projects are enabling faculty and students to generate new findings through innovative research projects.

Assessing support network stability with transition-age foster youth: Measurement reliability and sensitivity to change over time (Blakeslee, J. and Keller, T.)

Internalization of Gold Nanorods in Retinal Pigment Cells (Grant W. Marquart, Jonathan Stoddard, Karen Kinnison, Trevor J. McGill, and Marilyn R. Mackiewicz)

Selective Effects and Dominance of Somatic Mutations Accumulating during Vegetative Growth. (Cruzan, M.B. E. Perez, and J.A. Schwoch)

Maternal Systemic Interleukin-6 During Pregnancy is Associated with Newborn Amygdala Phenotypes and Subsequent Behavior at 2-years-of-age. (Graham, A.M., Rasmussen, J.M., Rudolph, M.D., Heim, C.M., Gilmore, J.H., Styner, M., Potkin, S.G., Entringer, S., Wadhwa, P.D., Fair, D.A., & Buss, C.)

Effect of Tip Morphology of Vertically Aligned Alumina Nanowire Arrays on Ovalbumin Uptake of Dendritic Cells (S. C. Aier, K. Meduri, M. Newman, R. Ekeya, P. Crawford, D. Austin, L. Lampert, J. F. Conley Jr., E. Lind, J. Jiao)

HIV and drug use prevention needs among migratory homeless youth in the United States (Orellana, E.R., Leotti, S., Cellarius, K., & Sun, C.)

Edleson Revisited: Reviewing children’s witnessing of domestic violence 15 years later. (Kimball, E.)


BUILD EXITO has many opportunities designed to promote research for early-career and established faculty, including opportunities to apply for Pilot Project research funding and to host a Research Learning Community for EXITO Scholars.


If you are interested in joining our dissemination efforts, want to request more information, or are interested in data collection and analysis involving the EXITO project, you can contact us at exito@pdx.edu


Contributions Made by Undergraduates to Research Projects: Using the CREDIT Taxonomy to Assess Undergraduate Research Experiences (Honore, M., Keller, T., Lindwall, J., Crist, R., Bienen, L., Zell, A.)

BUILD EXITO: a multi-level intervention to support diversity in health-focused research (Richardson, D., Keller T., Wolf D., Zell A., Morris, C., and Crespo, C.)

Peer mentoring for undergraduates in a research-focused diversity initiative (Keller,T., Logan, K., Lindwall, J., and Beals, C.)

Leading by success: Impact of a clinical and translational research infrastructure to address health inequities (Shiramizu, B., Shambaugh, V., Petrovich, H., Seto, T., Ho, T., Mokuau, N., and Hedges, J.)

Enhancing Institutional Research Capacity: Results and Lessons from a Pilot Project Program (Bienen, L, Carlos, C. Keller ,T., Weinstein, A.)