EXITO Student Researchers

BUILD EXITO Scholars play an integral role in Research Learning Communities by assisting with a wide variety of scholarly tasks including contributing to data collection and analysis, literature reviews, serving as co-authors on publications, and more. All scholars in Program Year 3 present their research at the EXITO Research Symposium in the fall, and many present podium talks and posters at local and national conferences.

List of publications by Scholars:

Mujeres Fuertes y Corazones Saludables: Adaptation of the Strong Women —healthy hearts program for rural Latinas using an intervention mapping approach (EXITO Scholar: Christie Jackson) 

Selective Effects and Dominance of Somatic Mutations Accumulating during Vegetative Growth (EXITO Scholar: Jaime Schwoch)

Effect of Synthesis Temperature on the Formation GAC supported Pd and Au NPs. Microscopy & Microanalysis. (EXITO Scholar: Candice Stauffer)

Association between Willingness to Exert Cognitive Effort and Smoking Abstinence (EXITO Scholar: Austin Phanouvong)

Effects of Salinity on Plant Development of in vitro Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas) Explants and Growth of Pakchoi Seedlings (EXITO Scholar: Tristan Paulino)

Palladium and Gold Nanoparticles on Carbon Supports as an Efficient Catalyst for the Sustainable Removal of Trichloroethylene (EXITO Scholar: Candace Stauffer)

Banded Application of Phosgard 0-40-0 to a representative area in Guam's Pago Watershed. Journal: Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice (EXITO Scholar: Victoria Flisco)

Exploring college student identity among young people with foster care histories and mental health challenges (EXITO Scholar: Chanel Ison)

“Having All of Your Internal Resources Exhausted Beyond Measure and Being Left with No Clean-Up Crew”: Defining Autistic Burnout (EXITO Scholars: Austin Delos Santos, Brandy Lentz, and Mirah Scharer)

Examining Integration and Sense of Belonging Among Undergraduate Students Participating in STEM Support Programs (EXITO Scholar: Mackenzie Gray)

Use of Connectotyping on Task fMRI Data Reveals Dynamic Network Level Cross Talking During Task Performance (EXITO Scholar: Valeria Vazquez-Trejo)

Beaches, Temples, and Flying Proas: Reflections on Five Years of Efforts to Foster Learner-Centered Pedagogies at the University of Guam (EXITO Scholar: Amber Uncangco)

Effects of Pharmacologically Targeting Neuroimmune Pathways on Alcohol Drinking in Mice Selectively Bred to Drink to Intoxication (EXITO Scholar: Kayla Townsley)

Inhibiting Infectivity of the Spindle Shaped Virus Using Silver Nanoparticles (EXITO Scholar: Diana Demchenko)

Effectiveness of testosterone therapy for masculinizing voice in transgender patients: A meta-analytic review (EXITO Scholar: Travis Henke)

The procoagulant molecule PAI-1 is associated with injury severity and shock in patients with and without traumatic brain injury (EXITO Scholar: Lelani Lealiiee)