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Mentoring is a crucial component of the BUILD EXITO experience. Recognizing that the pathway to become a health researcher involves several different supportive relationships, mentors encourage and guide scholars in reaching their academic and professional goals.

Career Mentors

The Role and Goals
The goal of the Career Mentor is to provide intentional opportunities for EXITO Scholar to develop a science and researcher identity, to support them in integrating EXITO experiences, provide advice navigating university systems and resources, and to be a part of the scholar’s network of faculty to provide references and support as they navigate a career path. 

Our EXITO Mentoring Coordinator takes into consideration student interest and faculty mentor areas of research, training or expertise when creating a compatible match.  

Students and faculty are typically matched in Fall term for the 9-month Academic Year and meet once per month (excluding finals week and breaks). 

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Research Mentors 

The Role and Goals
In Program Years 2 and 3, Scholars are embedded in a Research Learning Community, under the guidance of a Research Mentor. This mentoring relationship is anchored by the research lab experience with a focus on both developing research skills and deepening science and researcher identity. Research mentors provide hands-on projects and research tasks related to externally funded projects, providing a comprehensive training experience, and helping to prepare scholars for the next stage of their careers, including graduate school.  

We host a spring event during the academic year (Research Learning Community Matching Fair) to facilitate meetings between scholars and faculty, using feedback from both to make the best matches.

After students are matched with Research Learning Communities and mentors in spring, scholars start their research commitment the fall of that year for the length of an 18 month placement. 

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Resources for Mentoring Undergraduates