National Diversity Program Consortium

New Scholars sit talking together at a table at New Scholar Orientation.

BUilding Infrastructure Leading to Diversity

We are grateful to be working with institutions across the country as part of a collaborative effort.  With their help and expertise, we are working to recruit and equip a diverse and passionate next generation of researchers to reduce health disparities.  Learn more about our partners and the great work they are engaged in with us!

BUILD EXITO is thrilled to be one of ten institutions engaging in this groundbreaking work.    BUILD is a set of experimental training awards designed to learn how to attract students from diverse backgrounds into the biomedical research workforce and encourage them to become future contributors to the NIH-funded research enterprise. Institutions are encouraged to incorporate additional innovative methods to engage and prepare students for success, including those who might otherwise not choose biomedical research careers. Flexibility to innovate is an emphasis of the BUILD initiative. BUILD institutions, along with partner institutions, broaden the potential pool of participating students and maximize opportunities for research training and faculty and staff development.


The CEC is coordinating consortium-wide activities and evaluating the efficacy of the training and mentoring approaches developed by the BUILD and NRMN awardees to determine what approaches work within what contexts. The CEC is working within the Diversity Program Consortium to facilitate development of consortium-wide hallmarks, including academic and psychosocial competencies, of successful biomedical research career progression and examination of the impact of BUILD and NRMN programs according to these hallmarks. The CEC coordinating the collection and reporting of data from BUILD and NRMN awardees. The CEC is also facilitating consortium-wide discussions of approaches, progress, and lessons learned, and will serve as the focal point for dissemination of information to the broader research training and mentoring communities.

The National Research Mentoring Network (NRMN) is a nationwide consortium to enhance the training and career development of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are pursuing biomedical, behavioral, clinical, and social science research careers (collectively termed biomedical research careers), through enhanced networking and mentorship experiences. The NRMN is developing a nationwide network of mentors and mentees spanning all disciplines relevant to the NIH mission. NRMN is also developing best practices for mentoring, providing training opportunities for mentors, and providing networking and professional opportunities for mentees.