Our Program

A Successful Pathway to Research


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BUILD EXITO Scholar in lab

Innovative Student Support

EXITO is part of a major NIH initiative to develop, implement, and evaluate innovative research training models for undergraduates historically underrepresented in biomedical research careers. As the research-intensive partner, Oregon Health and Sciences University provides crucial guidance and expertise.

Institutional Development

To support high-quality implementation of the EXITO model at PSU and partner institutions, EXITO includes institutional development and faculty development initiatives to enrich the research training environment for undergraduates from underrepresented backgrounds. 

Our Priorities 

In Phase I, we successfully developed and delivered a three-year, developmentally sequenced research training program for undergraduates.  In Phase 2, we continue to promote diversity in the biomedical research workforce, guided by four principles: Sustainability, Enhancement, Evaluation, and Dissemination.


At BUILD EXITO, we are committed to sharing our research broadly.  Members of the EXITO community are authoring publications, presenting at conferences, and finding other ways to communicate their research within and outside of their disciplines.