Our Research(ers)

Faculty sit at a table and listen to a speaker during a conference.

Diverse Research, Diverse Researchers

EXITO is committed to developing institutional infrastructure to support research, enhancing faculty capacity to provide research training opportunities, and implementing an intensive research training program for undergraduates from diverse backgrounds.  

Student Research

Students work in RLCs, which are funding research projects, across many disciplines conducting innovative, important research.


EXITO Alumni pursue a variety of diverse research pathways and conduct research in dozens of disciplines. 

A student stands in front of a large room of people

Pilot Projects

BUILD EXITO Pilot Projects are instrumental in achieving our goal of engaging underrepresented students in research projects.

The EXITO Program

EXITO is interested in how to support students and is constantly evaluating what is working in our program.

BUILD EXITO Scholar in lab holding a vile.

Researcher of the Month

Dr. Marriot is an Associate Professor in the OHSU-PSU School of Public Health. She joined EXITO in 2017 to work with students in Enrichment as they explored biomedical pathways of interest.  Lisa studies workforce development using health informatics and qualitative approaches.