BUILD EXITO Pilot Projects

Round 4 Resources and Information

Pilot Project Technical Assistance 

We held a technical assistance workshop on July 28th.  The video recording can be found here.

Pilot Project Proposal Writing

A proposal writing workshop was held August 18th 2020. The video recording is here.

Responding to Reviewer Feedback

A workshop on responding to review feedback was held in November 2020.  Session recording is here.

Resources and Links

NIH has many excellent resources and tutorials devoted to helping investigators prepare competitive proposals and understand the proposal scoring and review process. For example:

Questions: Please email Leslie Bienen at

Thank you to all of the Reviewers for Round 4!

  • Alex Grenning
  • Amy Cunningham
  • Andrew Riley
  • Andrew Wang
  • Bennett Goldberg
  • Caryn Rodgers
  • Chris Cunningham
  • Danielle Benoit
  • Danielle Morales
  • Denyelle B. Kenyon
  • Gerardo Bosco
  • Gina Sanchez
  • Hiroshi Saito
  • Jennifer Kaplan
  • Jennifer Taber
  • Julienne Bower
  • Katherine Magnuson
  • Kimber Haddix McKay
  • Lisa DeLouise
  • Marcella Smith
  • Mathew Banegas
  • Noe Crespo
  • Peter Lindholm
  • Rachel Cusatis
  • Roland Thorpe
  • Rudy Ortiz