Summer Research Academy

Summer Research Academy will be taking place from June 14-18, 2021!
Please save these dates in your calendar. We will provide more information and details in May 2021.
We look forward to meeting you all!

This year, Summer Research Academy will be held virtually, a little different than what our program is used to! We will do our best to help keep Scholars engaged in our Zoom sessions and to create connections between scholars, including breakout groups and “getting to know you” activities, which will bring us together to share in our experiences that led us to EXITO. 

If you have questions about the Summer Research Academy for 2021, you can reach out to us at


The Summer Research Academy is the first opportunity Scholars have to get an in-depth look at the Scholar Phase of the BUILD EXITO program (Year 1), how the program develops an introduction to research, and the support networks students will build. Scholars will also get a chance to meet students from the different consortium colleges and universities, and gain a better understanding of the Trainee Phase of the program (Years 2 and 3). 

Our goal with the Summer Research academy is to orient Scholars to BUILD EXITO at their institution, and provide an overview of the program. It is also a time for scholars to meet the staff, faculty and fellow students involved in the program. 

Scholars will:

  • Begin building relationships and a network with other scholars that will span the academic year and beyond
  • Hear from faculty and researchers involved in diverse fields, dedicated to making positive impacts on health disparities 
  • Learn about the ways EXITO Scholars are uniquely supported through mentoring relationships and scholar support networks
  • Discover what is ahead in EXITO and their academic pathway.