Graduate Retention and Completion Fund

Admitted graduate students with an unexpected financial hardship may qualify for one-time tuition assistance from the Graduate School’s Retention and Completion Fund. Speak to your adviser if you would like to be considered for this award. 

Faculty advisers should send nominations directly to Courtney Ann Hanson at An adviser nomination must include:

  • the student's name and PSU ID;
  • information about progress in the degree program;
  • details about the extenuating circumstances that have led to a funding need;
  • the level of funding being requested. 

Our Retention and Completion Fund is designed for students who are close to finishing their degree program and only need 1 or 2 additional credits. The maximum award is $3,000.

Please note that we can only provide tuition assistance; our funds cannot be used for living expenses, etc.

There are no deadlines for this award and the Graduate School receives nominations on an ongoing basis. 

Additional resources

Financial Wellness Center

The Financial Wellness Center provides education, awareness, and mentoring in order to give all students tools and resources needed to empower them to make healthy financial decisions. 

Student Financial Services

If you need to establish a payment plan or discuss your payment options, contact Student Financial Services.

Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships

Most graduate students are eligible for student financial aid through the federal government. If you have not yet applied for aid, visit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) website to submit an application. If you have already applied and need additional funding, contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your options.