Wellness & Health Action Team

Wellness and Health Action Team logo with multicolored design.

Who We Are

The Wellness and Health Action Team (WHAT) is a team of undergraduate peer health educators in the Health Promotion Department at the Center for Student Health and Counseling (SHAC). 
WHAT’s goals are to:
•    Inform the Portland State community about relevant health topics and available resources;
•    Develop engaging programs on campus to promote healthy decision-making;
•    Empower students to utilize accessible strategies to achieve long-term health;
•    Advocate for change in campus policies that facilitate student wellness and success. 

What We Do

•    Create Customizable Health Education workshops
•    Event appearances and tabling
•    Department collaborations
•    "Don't Cancel Class!"
•    Campus-wide health promotion events
•    Check out our traveling Hut

How to Contact Us

You can contact WHAT if you have any questions or if you want to partner with them by emailing WHAT@pdx.edu.

Rainbow pop up tent outside on campus representing "The Hut".

THE Virtual HUT

The Hut's gone virtual!

The Hut is a peer-powered outreach program designed and committed to informing and empowering the PSU community. Join us for weekly Instagram Lives where we: Provide accurate info about relevant health/wellness topics & act as a student referral source for SHAC & PSU services.

WHAT's Up: A wellness podcast

WHAT's UP: A Wellness Podcast

Did you know that the Wellness and Health Action Team (WHAT) has a podcast called WHAT’s Up: A Wellness Podcast? A podcast, for students, by students dedicated to discussing various health and wellness topics. You can find it on all streaming platforms by searching ‘Wellness and Health Action Team’.