University Housing & Residence Life COVID-19 Updates

While we are actively communicating key updates with our current and incoming residents, we know many parents, campus partners, and community members may have questions or concerns related to on-campus housing in the residence halls during this period.  This page includes links to various resources and informative videos pertaining to the coronavirus.

    Safety Outside your Room

    Follow Zachary through best practices for wearing a mask in the residence halls.  Let's keep one another safe!

    Proper Mask Usage

    Zachary brings humor and examples to the conversation about appropriate mask usage.  Learn more about PSU policy on wearing your mask.  

    Washing Your Hands

    Washing your hands may seem obvious, but Zachary provides some great tips on duration and what to do when a sink is not nearby.  Enjoy!

    Not feeling well?

    What do you do if you are not feeling well when living in the residence halls?  Watch this video to find out!