Moving In

We are glad you have decided to live on campus at PSU! Living on campus will have a positive impact on your academic success and your experience at PSU. Our in-hall programming will provide you with many ways to get involved on campus and make new friends. This year Fall Move-in will be a little bit different than it has been in the past, so please keep your eye on your email for updates.

Fall 2021 Move-in Guide

Most Freshmen will move-in on Thursday, September 23 and Upperclassmen on Friday-Saturday, September 24-25 between 9am-6pm. In mid-August, students will receive an email with their room details and roommate information (if applicable). Additionally, they will get an email with their Move-in Timeslot, which will include move-in date, time, and location. This page will be updated throughout the summer with further details. We look forward to seeing you at move-in!


Move-in Days

Move-in for Fall 2021 will be 9/23 for most Freshmen and 9/24-25 for Upperclassmen. Students will be assigned arrival times to facilitate safe physical distance.  Watch for an email in mid-August to confirm your move-in time and location. 

ID Cards

If you are able to make it to campus prior to your move-in time, we strongly recommend picking up your PSU ID card in advance.  You will use your PSU Student ID card to enter your residence hall, activate the elevator if your building has one, and utilize your meal plan if you have one.  ID Services is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12-2pm.  Bring a valid government issued ID with you when picking up your ID card. 

If you are not able to pick up your PSU ID card prior to move-in, you may check in using a valid government issued ID instead of your PSU ID card.  You will be provided a temporary key fob for access to your residence hall.  You will be expected to go to ID Services the next day they are open to pick up your ID card and return your temporary key fob.


If you have decided to purchase a parking permit, you may pre-order it from Transportation and Parking Services.  Be sure to select a residence hall permit.  Most residents will not keep a car on campus and will utilize the MAX, bus, streetcar, or walk and bike.  If you do not have a parking permit and plan to drive on Move-in day, please park in a parking structure in a permanent space (typically permit parking only) and pay at the appropriate kiosk.  Download the Parking Kitty app to make paying for parking easier.  Broadway and Ondine residents will find Parking Structure 1 or University Center most convenient and residents of other buildings will find Parking Structure 3 most convenient.  Shattuck Lot may be used for one hour unloading.  Loading zone permits will be included in your move-in folder for short-term use.  


You may have up to a maximum of two individuals helping you with your move. Guests will not be permitted after move-in.

Safety Precautions

Please view our Arrival Guidelines for Out-of-State and/or Country Students.  Wear a mask at all times.  If you do not have one, we will provide one for you.  Please observe all signage, including stop signs on the floors in high-traffic areas, such as elevator lines, one-ways for stairwells, and other safety notices.  If you have symptoms of acute respiratory illness (i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath), you must stay home and not come to campus until free of symptoms for at least 72 hours without the use of medicine, and 7 days have passed since your symptoms have appeared, as recommended by the CDC’s What To Do if You Are Sick​. This requirement also applies to anyone helping you move. If you are sick, you should notify UHRL and choose an alternate option for moving in.


Broadway, Ondine, Epler, Blumel, and Montgomery have elevators.  The Broadway, Ondine, Epler, and Blumel elevators are activated with your PSU ID card.  The elevators in Montgomery are activated by your community key.  Elevator capacity may be limited.  Wait times for elevators may be longer than usual.  Bring a dolly to maximize the number of items you can bring in an elevator trip.  Plan to use the stairs whenever possible.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Bring a water bottle.  


Carts will not be available. We recommend bringing a dolly or hand truck to help with the move-in process.


Rain is common in the Pacific Northwest.  Please bring a rain coat or poncho and comfortable shoes.  


Electric, water, gas, garbage and high-speed wifi are all included.  Units with kitchens or kitchenettes include fridges or mini-fridges.  Sleeper units have mini-fridges and microwaves.  

Furnished Rooms

Furnished units come with a bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser for each resident.  Bed sizes vary.  Residents in Broadway, Blackstone quads, Montgomery floors 2-4, Ondine and St. Helens will have an XL twin bed.  Residents in Blumel, Epler and Montgomery first floor will have standard twin beds.  Blumel and St. Helens have barstools for the eat-in kitchen area.  Blackstone quads have a table with four chairs.  Single units may have additional furniture, which may not be removed.  Use an extra bed as a couch; create an L-shaped desk from two; stack your dressers; it's up to you!

Room Condition

We make every effort to ensure your room is prepared for you.  In the case of any damages, please email within 48 hours so we can address the issue and add a record to your file so you are not billed for damages when moving out.  

Packages + Mailing Address

Please do not mail your belongings to campus.  We do not have sufficient space at our Montgomery Service Desk to store large packages for students.  If you wish to mail your belongings, there is a UPS store on campus.  Your mailing address, along with your room number, will be sent to you about a month prior to move-in.  Please include your room number on all mail and packages.  Learn more about our Montgomery Service Desk.


All first-year students living on campus will have a meal plan. Meal plans can be used at Victor's Dining Center located in the 1st floor of Ondine. Transfer and continuing students can purchase a meal plan online through the PSU Eats website. Learn more about dining on campus.

What to Bring

Linens & Accessories

Standard or XL Twin Sheets (see move-in guide above)
Pillow & Pillowcases
Bedspread & Blankets
Mattress Pad

Buy Linens & Support Student Leaders

Laundry Items

Laundry Bag/Hamper
Laundry Detergent
Iron/Ironing Board

Bath Items

Hand Soap & Sanitizer
Toiletries (bar soap, body wash, etc..)
Bathroom Cleaning Supplies

School Supplies

Personal Computer
Desk Lamp
Alarm Clock
Ethernet Cable

Furniture for Unfurnished Units

Bed & Desk
Table and Chairs

To Make Life Easier

Microwave Oven (800 watts or less)
Electric Fans
Stackable and/or Under Bed Storage

Kitchen Goods

Meal Plan
Cookware & Glassware
Dishes & Cutlery
Cooking Utensils (spatula, etc...)
Dish Towels
Dish Drying Rack

Safety Considerations

Hand Sanitizer
Additional Cleaning Supplies/Disinfectant to Clean as you Unpack
New Moving Boxes - We do not recommend using used boxes at this time

What NOT to Bring

Hot Plates/Electric Skillets
Toaster Ovens
Halogen Lamps/Sunlamps
Open Heating Elements
Candles & Incense
Firearms & Fireworks (including BB and paintball guns)
Martial Arts Weapons
Nails or Cinder Blocks
Air Conditioning Units
High Wattage Sound or Stereo Systems

Moving Out

We will be sorry to see you go!  Please make sure to pay close attention to each step of our move-out process:

  1. If you are planning to move out prior to end of your contract, the first step is to request a contract cancellation form by contacting us at  This step is not required if you are moving out in the last two weeks of your contract.  Please review the Contract Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Guides carefully, as deadlines apply.  Depending on the circumstances, you may incur charges for moving out early.
  2. Follow our additional guidelines:

    1. Maintain physical distance of six feet between yourself and others. 

    2. No more than two individuals may assist you with your move.

    3. Wear personal protective equipment such as a mask; we will have masks available at the Montgomery Desk should you need one.

    4. Consult the CDC’s How to Protect Yourself.

      1. If you have symptoms of acute respiratory illness (i.e., fever, cough, shortness of breath), you must stay home and not come to campus until free of symptoms for at least 72 hours without the use of medicine, and 7 days have passed since your symptoms have appeared, as recommended by the CDC’s What To Do if You Are Sick​. This requirement also applies to anyone helping you move.

      2. If you are sick, you should notify UHRL and choose an alternate option for collecting your personal belongings.

  3. Thoroughly clean your room and remove all garbage and personal belongings. If you have a mini-fridge and live in Broadway or Ondine, put it in the shower (if possible) with the door open to defrost. Do not pick at freezer ice with a knife or other sharp object. Oftentimes this results in punctured walls and a damaged mini-fridge. Move the furniture to the arrangement when you moved in, with beds on middle rungs (excluding bunked and lofted beds). You may not leave items behind to pick up later or for the next occupant to use. Anything remaining in the room will incur charges for removal. Furniture removal will cost $250 per item. Leave empty recycle bin and compost bin in your room.

  4. Return Keys.  Return your keys to the 24-hour Express Check-out box, located outside in the Montgomery Courtyard. There will be Express Check-Out envelopes for you to fill out on top of the box. Staff will complete a walk-through of your room after you have moved out. Residents will be charged $200 for not checking out and returning keys. Do not skip this step before you leave campus. Do not leave your keys with a friend or in your room. You must drop them off yourself to avoid a $100 improper check-out charge. Mailed-in keys will not be accepted.

Trash, Recycling, Dumpsters:  Dumpsters are located near Blumel and Ondine residence halls. Belongings should not be left in the hallways or common areas. Residents will be charged for removal of furniture and trash left in the common areas of their communities.

Parking: Residents moving out must obey all PSU and City of Portland parking regulations. For those living on the west side of campus, please note the Portland Farmer's Market takes place every Saturday morning, so parking can be tight during this time. If you have questions about parking, please contact Transportation and Parking Services at

Carts:  Carts will not be available. We recommend bringing a dolly or hand truck to help with the move-out process.

Mail:  Check your mailbox before you return your keys, remove name from mailbox, and complete forwarding paperwork with USPS.

Bike: Remember to grab your bike if you have it locked up in a bike room or common area.


Donation Options

Community Donation Locations

William Temple House Thrift Store: NW 23rd Avenue.
Call first, 503-222-3328 to see if accepting items.

Portland Rescue Mission: 111 W. Burnside Street

The Blanchet House: 310 NW Glisan St.
Check their page for needed items and details.

PSU School of Business Clothing Closet: Karl Miller Center 220
Looking for professional clothes: slacks, suits, shoes, khakis, shirts, belts, pantsuits, dresses, jewelry, button-ups, blouses, book bags, portfolios. For questions, contact Audrey Pond:,