Contract Terms and Conditions

University Housing and Residence Life publishes contract terms and conditions with each academic year and Summer contract. These official documents serve as your terms and conditions for your Housing contract. In order to apply for Housing, prospective residents must read and agree to the terms and conditions for their contract period. It is important to always keep a copy of the terms and conditions for the entire duration of your time in Housing. Terms and conditions outline policies on assignments, fees, cancellations, check-in and check-out, eligibility and more.


The Cancellation Guides are a reference for residents wishing to cancel their Housing contract, and outlines cancellation deadlines and fees covered in greater detail in our Terms and Conditions (see above). If you're planning or needing to cancel an upcoming contract, please email If you currently live in Housing and need to cancel your current contract, please email to receive a copy of our Cancellation Form to avoid improper cancellation charges.


Environmental Health & Safety

To learn more about University Housing and Residence Life's reporting in accordance with federal laws, visit our Environmental Health & Safety page.  


University Housing performs regular checks every term to verify students' eligibility to move into and remain in University Housing. If a resident does not meet eligibility standards their contract will be cancelled and they will be required to move out. If you believe you may encounter eligibility issues, please discuss the situation with the Housing Office as soon as possible to understand your obligations and receive advice and assistance in resolving the problem.

Financial Eligibility

In order to be eligible to live in University Housing, residents must have a prior term PSU account balance of under $100, as well as consistently meet payment deadlines as set forth by the University. Failing to meet these deadlines will result in a registration hold, thus preventing the student from meeting academic eligibility. If a student's PSU account is currently in collections, they will automatically be considered ineligible for University Housing. Prospective residents with a prior term balance of $100 or more may not receive a housing assignment or be allowed to move in.

Academic Eligibility

All residents (except for non-student spouses, domestic partners, or dependents) must be registered at Portland State University for the minimum credit requirements in each term of the academic year. Undergraduate and Post-Baccalaureate students must be enrolled in at least 8 PSU credits and Graduate students must be in enrolled in at least 4 PSU credits during Fall, Winter, and Spring terms. Students must meet University payment deadlines to avoid registration holds.  New summer residents must enroll in 4 PSU credits to be eligible to live on campus in summer term. Students who live on campus during the preceding spring term are allowed to stay for summer and not enroll in summer classes. This includes students graduating at the end of the spring term.