Roommates + Remote Learning

Follow two of our student leaders as they navigate remote learning while sharing a room with a roommate.  

Have a Roommate in Mind?

Students can match with their preferred roommate after completing a contract, and before getting an assignment. After a student completes a contract, they can use the roommate search tool in the Housing Portal. Students can match with other students with the same classification (upperclassmen vs freshmen) who have completed a contract, by searching for them with their email address.  The intended roommate will receive an email with instructions to accept the request.

If you have a preferred roommate with a different gender, you can live together in a double unit, but the roommate matching tool will not work.  If you want to live with someone of a different gender, both students should complete contracts and email to be manually placed together.  

Current residents picking spaces for the next academic year can find information about roommates on our Room Selection page.

Want a Good Roommate Match?

All students will complete a roommate profile in their contract. Students complete a twelve question survey to create a roommate profile.   The best way to get a good match is to be honest in the profile.  When we make assignments, we use software to match students based on profiles.  Please note that we weight each profile category, and emphasize sleeping habits, cleanliness habits, and smoking in the roommate matching.

All Gender Housing

All Gender Housing at Portland State University is intended to provide comfortable living options for all students. All Gender Housing is a roommate matching option wherein any two students can share a unit (i.e., residence hall room, apartment) regardless of gender.  PSU is fortunate that most of our units have private bathrooms, so we don't segregate buildings and floors by gender. We want students of all genders to feel comfortable living in all of our communities.

When students complete the Housing contract, they indicate their gender and select from nine options.  Students who select Agender, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Questioning, Trans Man, Trans Woman, Transgender or Gender Not Listed will then be asked to list the preferred gender of a roommate.  The Housing Occupancy Manager will then manually match roommates based on their room preference and their roommate gender preferences.

Students who identify as Man or Woman will be asked if they are open to living with a student who identifies as Agender, Genderqueer, Non-Binary, Questioning, Trans Man, Trans Woman, Transgender or Gender Not Listed.  If they answer yes, they may be matched with a roommate who meets those qualities.

*Note that UHRL collects data about gender independently from PSU, as UHRL is not eligible to receive gender information from PSU. Updating your gender with PSU will not update it with UHRL, and you will need to contact UHRL directly to provide gender information for housing purposes.