New Residents

  • Eligibility: New residents moving into campus housing for summer must enroll in four or more credits in the summer term to be eligible to live on campus. 
  • Options: This page showcases options for new housing assignments for PSU students living on campus in the summer term.  These options are located in Montgomery Court, Stephen Epler, and Blumel Hall.

Current Residents

  • Eligibility: Students living on campus during the spring term may live on campus during summer term without enrolling in classes, even if they are graduating at the end of spring term. 
  • Options:
    1. Renewal: Residents who renew their room for the following academic year will stay in the same unit. 
    2. Unfurnished units: Unfurnished units are generally available through summer for residents occupying an unfurnished unit in spring.  We do not make new assignments for unfurnished units in summer, unless resident has also signed up for an unfurnished unit for the following academic year.  
    3. New assignments: Students whose space is closed in summer will receive a new assignment in one of the options on this page after completing their summer housing contract. 

Summer Guests

We also welcome conference, group, and intern guests to live with us in summer, who will stay in our designated Summer Housing & Conferences spaces.  

Montgomery Court Exterior

Montgomery Court 

  • 1802 SW 10th Ave
  • Room Types: Furnished Sleeper
  • Population: Upperclassmen
  • Furniture: Bed (XL twin in doubles and floors 2-4, standard twin on first floor), dresser, desk, chair 
  • Floors/Elevator: 4 / Yes
  • Built: 1920
  • Amenities: First floor lounge and community kitchen, community bathrooms (shower only), carpet floors. Units include vanity sink, microwave, and mini-fridge. Montgomery Service Desk is located on the first floor.     
  • Floor Plan (PDF)
  • Floor Plan (TXT)
Funished Sleepers have private sink; showers and bathrooms shared with floormates

Furnished Sleeper


Shared community kitchen and shared community bathrooms (showers only). 125-232 square feet. Private sink in all units. Mini-fridge and microwave provided.

Stephen Epler Hall Exterior

Stephen Epler

  • 1136 SW Montgomery St
  • Room Types: Furnished Studio
  • Population: Upperclassmen, Honors
  • Furniture: Standard twin bed, dresser, desk, chair
  • Floors/Elevator: 6 / Yes
  • Built: 2003
  • Amenities: Kitchens (stove/oven and small refrigerator), private bathrooms (shower only), carpet floors, cable TV, both wireless and wired ethernet, bicycle storage.
  • Floor Plan (PDF)
  • Floor Plan (TXT)
Furnished Studios in Stephen Epler have  a private bath with standing shower and kitchenette with stove/oven and mini-fridge.

Furnished Studio

Stephen Epler

Includes private bathroom with standing shower and kitchenette with mini-fridge and stove/oven. 290 square feet.

Blumel Hall Exterior


  • 1705 SW 11th Ave
  • Room Types: Furnished One Bedroom
  • Population: Upperclassmen
  • Furniture: Standard twin bed, dresser, desk, chair, barstools.
  • Floors/Elevator: 9 / Yes
  • Built: 1986. Renovated 2012.
  • Amenities: Full kitchens (stove/oven and refrigerator), private bathroom (most have shower/tub combo), carpet floors, 1st floor lounge, parking, cable TV, wireless and wired ethernet.
  • Floor Plan (PDF)
  • Floor Plan (TXT)
3D Floor Plan of Blumel Furnished One Bedroom

Furnished One-Bedroom


True apartment-style living.  Includes modern kitchen with private bathroom (mostly bathtub/shower combo). 575 square feet.