Academic Coaching

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Offered throughout Summer term!

The most valuable aspect [of my coach] is their great ability to listen and then immediately come up with practical solutions that work. I have been able to share some of these suggestions with other students and friends.

What is Academic Coaching?

Academic coaching is a free support service available to all PSU students. Students work with coaches to create measurable plans to meet their academic goals. Goals may address school/life balance, active learning and studying strategies, organization, communication skills, how to access resources, and more. Coaches can also serve as an accountability partner for students throughout their studies. 

What are the benefits of academic coaching?

During coaching, students receive custom-tailored tools to fit their needs. Coaches share strategies for deeper engagement with class material, while students hone self-reflection skills and identify behavioral changes that will enhance academic success. Goals are utilized to drive motivation and persistence, relieve anxiety and overwhelm, and help students to take control of their learning. 

How to Make an Academic Coaching Appointment

Choose the option that works best for you:

  • Option 1: Browse the bios!
    • Browse our academic coaches' bios and pathway specializations to determine who might be a good fit for you! Use the links within the bios to schedule directly with your preferred coach.
  • Option 2: Tell us more about you!
  • Option 3: Contact us!
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Academic coaching is not academic advising

If you'd like help planning your courses, understanding a degree audit, or have other questions regarding courses related to your major or degree program, please see an academic adviser in your major department.

No show policy

During any single term, students who miss three appointments without advance notice to either their academic coach or Learning Center staff will forfeit their preferred appointment time. Scheduling any future appointments will be at the discretion of the academic coach.

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