Tools to Boost Motivation

Is your motivation waning? You're not alone!

Motivation can slip away for many reasons. Maybe you're working on a requirement that you are not very interested in. Maybe finals are approaching, you're feeling overwhelmed, and you're struggling to engage with class material. Maybe taking classes in a remote environment via Zoom isn't your first choice, and you're finding it hard to show up for your education. Whatever the reason, know that with some intention, commitment, and SMART goals, you can bring that motivation back! The worksheets below are a great place to start. And if you'd like more support, you can always meet with an Academic Coach!

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Sometimes trying a new learning strategy helped me stay motivated [because of] the fact [that] I was trying something new. I took joy from the new learning experience...I was also mindful in general of my motivation, progress, and effort on a daily basis.

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