Learning Preference

Meeting the needs of an online course requires you to stretch yourself to use different types of media, such as audio, video, and chat to learn.  While all of these forms of media may not be your learning preference, they will likely show up in your online or remote course.  Additionally, in order to meet the new experiences you might encounter in an online course, you will also need to rely on yourself to solve minor problems or make decisions about your learning. Most online courses require working in online groups, which is a great experience, given the right communication skills.  Use following resources to help you understand your preferred learning styles, how to incorporate active learning in your studying, and building communication skills online.

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Not sure where to start or how to apply these resources to your school life? Academic coaches can work with you on these resources to supercharge your academic career and get the most out of your university experience. Meeting with a coach will better prepare you for the online/remote classroom environment. 

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