Technology Skills

Technology can often be one of the biggest challenges for online learners.  Students who are concerned with their technology skills can identify someone to serve as their technology support person before taking an online course. Ideally, you are able to do the following prior to the term starting: using the Internet and a Web browser to perform searches, the ability to install software on your computer, and the ability to perform simple troubleshooting activities. If you need technical assistance, remember you can always call the OIT Helpdesk at 503-725-4351, or visit their support page to submit requests or schedule an appointment. Use the following helpful links in case you find yourself needing any additional information.

Photo looking over someone's shoulder at a student sitting at a desk with her open laptop smiling at the camera

Not sure where to start or how to apply these resources to your school life? Academic coaches can work with you on these resources to supercharge your academic career and get the most out of your university experience. Meeting with a coach will better prepare you for the online/remote classroom environment.