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Winter, Spring, and Summer 2021: 

There are no in-person proctoring services available while PSU is mostly remote


Learning Center Testing Services provides accommodated testing support to Portland State University students registered with the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Students who are not registered with the DRC but need accommodations should be referred to the DRC at 503-725-4150 or drc@pdx.edu

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Accommodated Testing in the Remote Environment

Faculty are responsible for providing student testing accommodations as outlined within each student's DRC-generated Faculty Notification Letter. Some testing accommodations become less relevant in the remote environment while other accommodations remain necessary. To learn more about the testing accommodations needed in your course(s), please review the Faculty Notification Letter(s) you received for the current term along with all information linked from the Letter to relevant DRC web pages. If you continue to have student-specific accommodation questions, contact the DRC (503-725-4150; drc@pdx.edu) for further assistance.

Minimizing the Need for Accommodations

Assessment design can have a substantial impact on students’ accommodation needs. Designing assessments in a way that minimizes the need for accommodations will oftentimes result in a course that is more accessible for all students. The information provided below highlights multiple approaches to assessment, starting with the most inclusive, for your consideration.

Universal Design for Learning: Multiple Means of Assessment & Alternative Assessments

By offering multiple means of assessment, students can choose which assessment option works for them making this the most accessible and inclusive approach to assessment. Implementing multiple means of assessment allows all students (including students with disabilities) a greater chance to demonstrate their mastery of course learning objectives. Keep in mind that while a multiple means approach is the most inclusive for all students, accommodations for students with disabilities may still be needed.

Alternative assessments provide options beyond timed exams and quizzes, creating opportunities for increased student engagement with course content.  Examples of alternative assessments include:

  • Papers/essays
  • Presentations, individual or group
  • Project-based assessments
  • ePortfolio
  • Blog creation (PebblePad)
  • Collaborative ebook creation
  • Brochures
  • Infographics

For more information and links to additional alternative assessment examples, visit the Office of Academic Innovation's (OAI) page on Remote Assessment Strategies.

Universal Design for Learning Resources

Universal Design for Learning Assessment Trainings - Coming Soon!

Learning Center Testing Services, in collaboration with OAI and the DRC, will be providing assessment-focused trainings. These trainings will be centered on the Universal Design for Learning framework as a means to create more accessible and inclusive assessments for your courses. More information, including topics to be covered and how to participate in these trainings, will be available in the coming months. 

Considerations for Timed Assessments

Please note -- regardless of approach, accommodations may still be needed. 

Most Accessible/Most Inclusive:

  • A remote assessment modeled after a traditional take home exam where students can complete the exam over an extended period of time (e.g., 5 days). Accommodations may still be needed.

More Accessible/More Inclusive:

  • A remote assessment designed to be given in a fixed amount of time (e.g., 90 minutes), but students are able to pause and resume at their convenience, completing the assessment over a longer period of time (e.g., 24 hours). Extended time accommodations will likely be needed.

Less Accessible/Less Inclusive:

  • A remote assessment in which students have a large window for initial access (e.g., 24 hours), but the assessment itself must be completed within a smaller window of time that starts upon initial access (e.g., 90 minutes). Extended time accommodations will likely be needed.

If you need support adjusting test settings in D2L to allow for extended time accommodations or multiple attempts, refer to OAI's step-by-step tutorial.

Please also visit the DRC's Testing Accommodations page for more detailed information on providing testing accommodations.

General Software Support

Remote Proctoring

The flexibility afforded by D2L-delivered instruction will ideally reduce the need for remote proctoring. If you have questions or feel that you will not be able to proctor an exam while PSU is remote, please contact Learning Center Testing Services (503-725-4459; testingservices@pdx.edu).

Other Concerns about Remote Instruction

During this time of remote instruction, faculty and staff have been asked to be flexible and understanding as it relates to student needs. This flexibility and understanding applies to exams and quizzes as it does all other aspects of education. We understand that although it is very unlikely your students (with and without disabilities) will choose to cheat on their exams, you may have concerns about academic integrity in the remote environment. The Student Conduct department within the Office of the Dean of Student Life prepared a document addressing student conduct and remote instruction. If you have further questions about this topic, please contact the Office of the Dean of Student Life (503-725-4422; askdos@pdx.edu).

Make-Up Exams

Make-up exams are not being offered through Learning Center Testing Services. If you have questions about how to set up D2L for your students’ make-up exams, please refer to OAI's resource on D2L quizzes or contact OAI directly for support.

Community Testing & Other Non-accommodated Exams

We do not currently provide community testing or services for the exams listed below, however, more information may be available via the provided links.

For questions about student accommodations, please contact the Disability Resource Center (503-725-4150; drc@pdx.edu). For questions about testing procedures, please contact Learning Center Testing Services (503-725-4459; testingservices@pdx.edu).

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