"Let Knowledge Serve the City."

We are very much interested in utilizing “real-world” problems from industry for our capstone projects.  If you think you have a project that is a good match for our program, please complete the Capstone Project Intake Form.

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) Program at Portland State University has a senior capstone experience to integrate the learning experiences of students in preparation for their professional careers. The capstone is a culmination of student learning, by engaging in a realistic, team-based design problem. It is a model for engagement with the community and it is the signature example of how our students combine the practical and the theoretical in engineering work. Capstone teams work for six months to use customer research, in-depth analysis, component design, teamwork, manufacturing, and documentation to produce a physical prototype to satisfy the sponsor’s requirements.

Some Capstone projects involve solving an existing problem in a manufacturing environment or research laboratory. Some Capstone projects involve creating the first prototype of an entirely new product. A faculty mentor coaches the student teams, while the student teams develop alternative solutions and make the design decisions. The Capstone experience is intended to prepare our students for professional engineering practice as engaged citizens of their professional communities. In addition to technical design, the Capstone experience requires students to become proficient with teamwork, written documentation, and oral presentation.