DYADIC Health Lab Academic Family Tree


Graduate Students

AnnaMarie O'Neill

AnnaMarie "Annie" received her B.A. in Psychology at University of Nevada, Reno in 2013. After graduating, Annie researched the pathophysiology of as well novel treatment avenues for schizophrenia as the psychiatric research assistant to Dr. Kirkpatrick at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. She assisted in the design and execution of studies, conducted meta-analyses, performed phlebotomy, and administered cognitive batteries as well as other psychiatric scales. During this time, she also volunteered at the Crisis Call Center. In 2016, joined Dr. Cynthia Mohr's lab and started her graduate program. She received her M.S. in Applied Social Psychology at Portland State University in 2019. Her primary research interests broadly include close relationships, how close relationships impact physical and psychological health, pain, sleep and drinking.

James Lee

James Lee received his B.A. in Psychology from Eastern Washington University in 2012 and then served in the U.S. Army as a Behavioral Health Specialist where he spent over 3 years working as a research assistant at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR). While at WRAIR, he gained experience in military stressors such as deployment, closing communities, and PTSD while measuring behavior and health related outcomes in soldier populations. He was involved in dozens of data collections, focus groups, and processed thousands of surveys throughout Germany and Korea. His research interests include military families, alcohol use, and resilience.

Emily Denning

Emily Denning received a BS in Psychology and a BA in American Sign Language Studies from Western Oregon University in June, 2017. During her undergraduate studies she worked under the direction of Dr. Debi Brannan researching non-traditional students’ daily work-family-school balance, and was the project manager of a positive psychology based DUI intervention. She also worked on the Prospective Ongoing Investigation of Non-Traditional Students project (POINTS Project), a mixed-methods approach to investigating different aspects of the non-traditional student experience, including their alcohol and marijuana use; job, school, and family satisfaction; and social integration. She then joined Dr. Cynthia Mohr’s lab in the summer of 2017.  Emily’s research interests center on health behaviors and daily process and mixed methodology.  

Sheila Umemoto

Sheila Umemoto received a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Philosophy, and a MEd. in Applied Behavioral Studies from Oklahoma City University. She also holds a BS in Psychology from Portland State University. In between her studies, she served as an Air Defense Officer in the United States Army and deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After her service tour, she directed her sense of public service toward applied psychology research by volunteering in Dr. Cynthia Mohr’s Lab where she worked on several projects with military populations. Sheila’s interests broadly involve applying perspectives of phenomenological existentialism on concepts of subjective well-being and interpersonal relationships.

Research Assistants

Thomas Rounds

Thomas Rounds is an undergraduate at Portland State University working towards his B.S. in Psychology. Before attending college, he spent several years working in various substance use treatment facilities, where he was inspired to investigate new treatment modalities and prevention techniques. He has worked in medical detoxification facilities, inpatient programs, outpatient programs, and adolescent programs. Thomas is also an avid science-communicator with Northwest Noggin, a neuroscience outreach program that brings students, scientists, and artists into classrooms, youth camps, juvenile detention centers and other venues to spread science education and enthusiasm. His research interests include evidence-based substance use treatment, substance use prevention, and human flourishing.

Philip Bouleh

Philip Bouleh is currently working towards a double major in psychology and philosophy at the honors college at Portland State University. He previously worked as a youth counselor with both adolescents and adults at several residential recovery programs. His research interests broadly involve moral psychology, the psychology of religion and spirituality, and evidence-based treatments for substance use disorders.  


Alicia Starkey - Texas Education Agency

Cameron McCabe - Naval Health Research Center

Sarah Arpin - Gonzaga University

Laurie Jacobs - University of California San Francisco 

Robert Wright - Brigham Young University, Idaho

Staci Wendt - WestEd

Debi Brannan - Western Oregon University

Julie Merrill - Walter Reed Army Institute of Research