Empowering Sisterhood

Community Building Initiative for African American Women

Empowering Sisterhood is a community building initiative, specifically designed for African American and African women, at Portland State University. With the range of issues that African American and African women, as dual minorities, have to overcome, Empowering Sisterhood is organized to develop varying ways to successfully navigate Portland State University.  Topics covered in the seminars include gender and racial discrimination, stereotype threat, identity development, academic self-concept and healthy relationships. 

Empowering Sisterhood also aims to encourage unity among women of color with different backgrounds, ages, and life styles. It provides an opportunity for women to celebrate their well beings, build awareness of their culture and empower each sister through unity, leadership and service.
How do you get involved?

Empowering Sisterhood is open to African American and African women who are interested in developing academically and professionally among people with similar social experiences. We welcome current students as well as prospective students.

For more information, please contact empowers@pdx.edu

Facebook: www.facebook.com/empoweringsisterhood

I.G: @Empowering_Sisterhood - www.Instagram.com/Empowering_Sisterhood