Queer and Trans Student Support Fund

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Why We Provide Funds to Queer & Trans Students

Part of our mission is to support students along spectra of gender and sexuality to persist to graduation.

We've read the reports - up to 40% of young people who become homeless each year are LGBTQ. Many students commute to our campus, and housing nearby is becoming less and less affordable. We see that gender and sexual minority students are less likely to have help paying for education and are less likely to have a financial safety net than straight and cisgender students. (Information from "LGBT Roadblocks to Financial Aid")

In giving to the QRC, you are helping to build and sustain our Financial Support Fund. This fund is for transgender and queer students in need of one time financial support for things like groceries, utility bills, legal name updates, emergencies, etc. If you are a student in need of financial support, please contact K Keith, the QRC's Director, at to access this fund.

Ways to Give

Making donations helps us sustain our fund so we can continue meeting the needs of queer and transgender students at Portland State University. We encourage and invite anyone, especially faculty, staff, and community members to share their resources with our Student Support Fund. We have one time donation options, recurring donation options, and hold fundraisers throughout the year. All donations are tax deductible.

  • $5 donations could purchase transportation costs for queer and transgender students to/from school
  • $10-30 donation could help cover basic bills, like water or electric
  • $50 donations could purchase groceries or support for one time emergencies
  • $100 donations could help cover legal fees, like gender marker updates and DACA renewals
  • $250 donations could help students with emergency charges beyond what they can afford like gaps in financial aid, rental assistance, or car problems.